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Bikini Zone Depilation: Answers to the Most Awkward Questions


Source: Popsugar

As you know, unwanted body hair can be removed in two ways: by depilation and epilation. Depilation (using a razor, wax, shugaring, epilator or tweezers) gives a temporary effect, and hair growth resumes after a short period of time. Epilation (using electric current or laser) can destroy the hair follicle and eliminate hair growth forever.

The swimsuit season has already started, and the portal Popsugar contacted the CEO and founder Unic K Wax Centers Naemi Grupenmager to answer the most awkward questions about depilating a bikini area.

Popsugar: What is the best way to avoid ingrown hair? Seriously! We make peels and use salicylic acid, but we still have bumps.

Naemi Gruppenmager: If you regularly do waxing, you will reduce the likelihood of ingrown hair. Your tight clothing (jeans, leggings) can increase the growth of ingrown hair, because it compresses the hair, allowing them to curl back into the follicle. Try to avoid shaving as long as possible. If you cannot refuse a razor, peel off the area before shaving and make sure that you do not use a blunt blade.

PS: How long do I have to wait between waxing procedures? In the summer it is difficult to grow hair when always tied to the beach!

NG: Absolutely understand! The gap between depilations should last from three to six weeks. But in order to prepare for the summer, you should start in advance. With regular depilation, the length of time between treatments increases. The more you depilate, the weaker the hair follicle becomes, which facilitates hair removal.

PS: What can you do to reduce pain?

NG: First, choose the right center that uses all natural as well as elastic wax heated to body temperature as it is more gentle on the skin when removing hair. Another tip is not to drink alcohol before the procedure. This may sound like a good idea, but it will tighten your pores and make hair removal difficult. Finally, stick to your waxing schedule.

PS: What do you do to soothe irritated skin after depilation?

NG: To soothe irritated skin, apply a cold compress to this area. This will reduce inflammation and close the pores. Then apply a soothing moisturizer and wear loose clothing on the day of the procedure.

PS: Why does itchy after depilating the bikini area? How can this be stopped?

NG: Some people experience itching after this procedure, as they use hot synthetic wax that irritates the skin. Find a center that uses natural elastic wax that is applied at body temperature, so that you never feel an itch.

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