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Melania Trump Day: what the first lady does to cope and look great


Source: SCMP

The wife of US President Donald Trump has a strict daily routine, which includes, in addition to official duties, light exercises, eating seven servings of fruit and helping his son Barron to fold his school bag. SCMP tells how Melania Trump manages to stay in perfect shape with her difficult life schedule.

At 49, America's first lady looks flawless, adhering to a daily routine and a healthy lifestyle. Despite her tedious schedule, she also remains a “full-time mom” for her only child, 13-year-old Barron Trump.

Although the role of the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) has never been legally defined in the US Constitution, it carries with it serious responsibilities. Public attention to the privileges of the role of the first lady gives the impression that this role is glamorous and leisurely, but this assumption is very far from reality. The First Lady must fulfill official public and ceremonial duties both at home and abroad as a kind of “deputy” to the president. She also serves as the modern face of the administration, advocating certain social projects and causes that complement government policy.

The first lady is of great importance to the country, she can influence and shape the opinion of the nation. As a role model, the first lady has the power to control how American women dress, speak, and present themselves. First families have always been powerful - long before social media made them stars - whether in the political arena or in the fashion world.

While President Trump's life is an open book (thank you, Twitter), the first lady has chosen to remain largely in the background. By maintaining public restraint, she attracted public curiosity. People started asking: what does she do during the day? What is her routine? How does she stay fit and look so impressive despite her responsibilities?

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The day begins early for Melania, she wakes up soon after 5:30, at the same time her husband gets up, reports The Washington Post. The couple sleeps in separate bedrooms. The habit of getting up early allows her to perform all morning tasks and provides enough energy for a busy day.

First of all, Mrs. Trump is a caring mom. Every morning she prepares her 13-year-old son Barron for school first. According to Business Insider, she is a “hands-on” mom: she prepares her son's things, checks to see if he has completed his homework, and puts everything in her backpack. She does her best to drive her son to school and pick him up after school. Melania tries to personally attend his school events.

Having completed all this, Melania is engaged in physical exercises. As an experienced model in the past, she maintains her body in excellent condition by doing home workouts, which consist of weight training, Pilates and low impact exercises. Mrs. Trump prefers to train at home.

Melania Trump also follows a healthy diet. According to a 2016 GQ interview, she eats seven servings (slices or slices) of fruit a day. Also, the first lady drinks a vitamin smoothie and eats oatmeal mixed with spices. But from time to time, Melania enjoys chocolate, ice cream or Diet Coke. Her favorite dish is Parmigian chicken at Jean-George in New York.

The first lady of the United States is also strict about her makeup. Her complete make-up routine takes 1 hour and 15 minutes, and a professional team helps to "make beauty". Melania opposes major beauty treatments like Botox, she prefers moisturizer and vitamin C toner to keep her skin glowing.

After all morning tasks, Melania Trump sets off for meetings at her office in the East Wing. She talks about her initiatives, such as the promise to fight the opioid crisis and the Be Best campaign, which is committed to the well-being of young people and opposes cyberbullying and drug use.

Part of her first lady responsibilities is that Melania Trump organizes important events, such as Easter egg-skating on the White House lawn and an official state dinner arranged for French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife.

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The Washington Post reports that Melania Trump has an excellent relationship with 100 full-time White House employees, including chefs, florists and butlers. She monitors the residence and state floor, instructing her staff to keep it under wraps. Melania Trump is a perfectionist who understands down to the smallest detail in everything she does.

From time to time she loves to rest - her mother's greatest advice that she has learned by heart. In a 2011 interview with Allure, Melania said, “When you take care of yourself, you can take care of others. In addition, your body needs to relax a little. It is good for your mind and your skin. "

She reportedly spends her weekend at the private Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, at one of her husband's most famous residences.

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