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Demi Moore publicly ridiculed family life with Bruce Willis



Demi Moore and Bruce Willis broke up 18 years ago. The ex-spouse, who had been married for 13 years, remained on good terms for the sake of three daughters: 29-year-old Rumer, 26-year-old Scout and 24-year-old Talula. The other day, the actor became a guest of the Comedy Central Roast show, and his ex-wife did not miss the opportunity to “ride” through their life together.

Demi Moore was in shock at the filming of the program with the participation of ex-wife Bruce Willis, where she appeared as a surprise guest. The actress dedicated most of her stand to their marriage, tells

“Our marriage was like The Sixth Sense movie. All this time you were dead, ”- said Demi. For those who do not know, we explain that the main character of the picture, played by Willis, was a ghost who, until the end of the storyline, did not know that he had already died.

“I was married to Bruce for the first three parts of Die Hard. And that's very important because the latter were terrible, ”Demi continued to urge.

While the ex-spouse and the whole audience were bursting with laughter, Moore knocked out the ex, recalling the failed films with his participation: “Bruce considered the end of our marriage to be his great failure. Bruce, do not be so hard on yourself, you also had much bigger setbacks: Planet Hollywood, Hudson Hawk, "News here quotes Demi.

By the way, Demi Moore is not sad about divorce with three husbands: in addition to Willis, she had her first marriage with musician Freddie Moore and the third, with actor Ashton Kutcher, who left actress Mila Kunis. Although the star does not comment on privacy, she is often credited with novels.

Last year, Western media claimed that the Hollywood film star was dating Tobey Maguire, who divorced Jennifer Meyer after 9 years of marriage. And now the star of the cult film "Ghost" (Ghost) has a new boyfriend.

According to new data, the ex-spouse of Ashton Kutcher acquired a famous young fiance. 55-year-old Demi Moore spun romance with 25-year-old Nick Jonas, says the American tabloid Radar online.

According to rumors, the daughter of Demi, Rumer Willis, introduced her famous mother to the singer. By the way, Nick was previously seen in relations with older women: he met with 33-year-old Australian singer Delta Goodrem and he had a short affair with 38-year-old Kate Hudson. Recall Demi also attributed novels with 34-year-old Will Hannigan, 31-year-old Vito Schnabel and 36-year-old Gary Morton.


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