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There is a matter, but no words: why in the XNUMXst century it is still indecent to say 'about it'

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


Intimacy, twirling our tail - and no censorship ...

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Interesting times, as I look, are spread around us.

About this - indecent, about something else - dangerous, they may not understand, take offense, even shoot. They are fired from work, kicked out of basketball teams for long language and freethinking ...

Somewhere already similar troubles with freethinkers were. They were called Decembrists, it seems. And there somehow it didn’t end very elegantly. I don’t remember the details.

Politics is not. Religion even more so. Do not name, do not incite, do not call names, do not hint, do not imply, do not speak with a double bottom ...

Yesterday I was provided with a list of what is undesirable to write about during the period ... The list is small, only ninety-seven pages. For a long time I read it, thought and thought, what else is possible, and realized. Maybe about ... a cupcake. But it turns out that this word that calls what I decided to write about is too bad. An obscene word, indecent. For this they are banned (they do not lead to the bathhouse, but close the page) just like for recipes for poisonous tinctures or instructions on how to illegally build a device to cause trouble to the population ...

Therefore, I will not name the word explosive, you yourself will guess what it is about. I suggest that everyone does this. Day or night. Engaged in: anteaters, jellyfish, mosquitoes, crane operators with crane operators, kings, shoe polishers and other potentially worried people. It may even turn out to be a small gnat, a crane operator or a king ... Guess? Well, that's wonderful. And the word cupcake, - I wrote it for fun, so that all discerning readers would be confused. I hope it didn't work out.

So, I thought a lot on this topic, wrote, discussed, studied the subject. I fiddled for years. Even recently I was honored with a book. Those who are interested can always find it on Amazon. It's called "Eros roams the planet." There, by the way, there were one and a half hundred reviews. Different. But at some point, Amazon, with a slight movement of the transition ... - removed them. I fought with them for six months, but I did not win. I will not even repeat the nonsense they invented trying to explain what they did. But this is not so important. Another thing is important - why did I even talk about it?

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That's right: because times have gone hazy and you can't speculate on many topics. Well, only if in a “close group of limited people,” at night, with a flashlight, whispering and under a sheet. What do we do? We are no strangers. We lived like that for half our lives, and nothing. It was fun. So you can't take us naked ... !!

So here. Having talked about this subject with the mass of every and every people, I came to an interesting conclusion. Many people want to talk about it. Not only do this, but talk. Before, during, and after ... too. It turned out that many of those who are doing this with pleasure or without can not talk about it. Are they embarrassed, cannot find words, do not think that the words are appropriate here ... or for some other reason ... While I wrote a book of my detective-erotic stories, I also got into it. Describing the process and the feelings that accompany it, you come to the conclusion that words spoil everything. At least in the beginning I came to him. And for me it was a kind of challenge. I promised myself that I would find the right words, otherwise it would not be me. I admit, I had to sweat pretty. It turned out or not, it's up to the reader to decide.

Do you think those same “50 shades of gray” have stirred up some of the world's population, especially the feminine part of it? The topic is because it is important. And about this without nasty things, nonsense, physical functions and yard phraseology such as: "put it in, took it out and run ...", "unimaginable size ...", "in a deep deflection ...", "got to the very tonsils ..." - they rarely write in our time ... I will not say that you cannot find it at all, that the topic is forgotten, but they rarely write. And, as a rule, tasteless. This, again, is my opinion. You can disagree.

So what am I talking about?

I mean that you can talk about intimacy, and not only in moments of acute love, sending each other unambiguous phrases and photographs of body parts, but also in a year, five, ten, twenty, thirty even ... With and without photographs. I know I know. There are those who believe that many speakers do little. I do not argue, perhaps. But I'm talking about something else. To speak not instead of, but - together with ... Pos in the Kamasutra is enough. But there are not many words for discussing what is happening, and not just words, but hot, passionate, viscous, exciting, appropriate, languid, beautiful, tasty (again).
No, I do not offer you words and images to choose from, but simply recommend to everyone, especially those who want to slightly diversify this type of activity, to try not only lashes, costumes, role-playing games, new, dangerous poses, but also text. If in a spontaneous version the words get stuck ... in the stomach, it can be thought out ahead of time, rehearsed even in front of the mirror and ... surprise the partner. Although you can scare him ... But, as they say, who does not take risks, he is left without champagne ... Or they said something similar. Usually they said this, having already gathered champagne to the most anywhere ...

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These are, in fact, all my ideas. More precisely - one. We try, we learn to say “about it”. If you don't like it, cancel it. If you like it - continue. Have not tried it - try it.

Good luck to everyone and enjoyable pursuits of love joys, no matter what words they are called, permitted or forbidden.

By the way, I redid the picture on the cover of the book ten times. Amazon did not let her pass as too frank, that - complete nonsense ... And therefore - with the arrival in the dark Middle Ages, my dear fellow tribesmen !!!

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