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Do it for food to lose weight: a scientific life hack that will help everyone



American scientists have revealed a clever way that will help everyone lose weight without exception. Specialists were able to highlight a special condition for losing weight without diets, and it lies in a good company.

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Scientists from Stanford University in the United States, California, have shown that eating alone will complicate any diet. The factor that influences overweight, helping to eat less is live communication. Studies on mice have shown that lunch or dinner for a conversation distracts from food, without forcing to feel hunger. Reports about it with reference to the "Medic Forum".

It turned out that the same zones are responsible for satisfaction with food and communication in the brain. In the course of the experiment, scientists medicamentally stimulated the brain cells of mice responsible for communication. As a result, rodents often refused the desired high-calorie delicacies, which led to a rapid decrease in their weight.

This proves two points: social needs are controlled by the same mechanisms as appetite. The second point is the life hack derived from this: in order to eat and lose weight less, you do not need to shun family dinners and meetings with friends.

Thus, it does not matter how high-calorie food is at the table - it is important that a person eats less in the company, without feeling hunger in the end. In addition, it indirectly suggests that more sociable people can achieve great success in losing weight, dieting.

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