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Star'Gave me lyuley ': Lolita told why she was offended by Pugacheva


Source: Womanhit

Lolita Milyavskaya told about relations with Alla Pugacheva, writes Womanhit.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Evening Urgant

According to the singer, she did not hear such harsh criticism from anyone, and at the beginning of her career it wounded her. However, now Milyavskaya is grateful for the instructions.

“Lulea was given to me exclusively by Alla Borisovna. To praise? She never praised me. Now, sometimes I hear some kind words from her, each of which is worth its weight in gold. She says: “Well, now I like it.” Very short and without any reasoning, ” quotes Lolita.

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“She gave me Lulea throughout her life for various creative things,” Milyavskaya explained. - I always listened to her and was grateful. Once offended, but it was at the beginning of a career. It seemed to me that this is very harsh, it’s impossible, but now I understand - this is from whom I learned.

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Recall that a few months ago Pugacheva congratulated Milyavskaya on her birthday on her Instagram.

“One step to perfection. Dare, "- wrote then the prima donna.

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