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'Some kind of monster': the new appearance of Lyubov Uspenskaya aroused the indignation of fans


Source: 7 Days

The singer was photographed in the office of a plastic surgeon.


The new photo of Lyubov Uspenskaya terrified the fans of the artist. A photo appeared on the web, taken during a meeting of a 65-year-old singer with a famous plastic surgeon, writes “7 Days".

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The singer, as fans suppose, wants to correct the consequences of an unsuccessful intervention conducted some time ago. The fact that the previous transformation failed, the audience judges by the photo from the visit to the clinic. On it, Ouspenskaya looks completely different from how she used to see her on the red carpet and the stage. The changes on Lyubov’s face were called "monstrous."


"Some kind of monster"

"How scary",

“What did she do to herself?”

“It seems to me that nothing is happening to her and no one will help, some kind of monster”,

“Give her back beauty”

“Stop the woman, it's overkill”,

"Like a mummy already,"

“It’s time to save Lyuba, do not pass by,” wrote the frightened fans of Lyubov.

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Perhaps this is just a bad view? Assumption after all did not take a break in her career and did not disappear from the public eye, and recovery after surgery takes time. Based on this, the artist simply had no time to “disfigure” herself. Moreover, it is unlikely that she would undertake to make any changes on the eve of the New Year - the hot time of corporate parties.


It is possible that Ouspenskaya turned for consultation to a plastic surgeon about her daughter Tatyana. According to the singer, the girl fell off her bike while walking on Costa Rica. The blow from the fall fell on the face: the teeth and jaw suffered. In addition, Tatiana had a blood poisoning at a local hospital due to inadequate treatment. Lubov’s daughters have already completed four operations. During the last of them, doctors inserted dental implants, restoring Tatiana’s smile.

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