The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.

What to take with emigration


Emigration is not an easy process, and in this article by the popular Instagram blogger Anna Nesterenko you can find a list of the necessary things that you just need to take, leaving your country and moving to permanent residence.


Exactly worth taking:
- children's and family photos;
- favorite books in Russian;
- Prescription drugs (in general, a lot is sold here, so I personally do not carry anything);
- all-all documents and preferably with translation (and possibly even certified by a notary);
- small souvenirs - to give them away as gifts to new friends and acquaintances;
- money. Much money.
- well, and other dear little things.

With Sap I already sent many photo albums and books to the states, my mother also wants me to take the family service))).

I will prepare the documents for a visa interview, I will definitely translate)).

And everything else in the states is.

And without what you can not imagine life in another country?

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