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What you should always keep secret from your children



When we become parents, it is first and foremost important to be honest and open with our children. But some information is best left unsaid. Keep these secrets from your children to help them acquire healthy habits and attitudes, and grow up with a firm belief that they are loved. After all, not all knowledge brings happiness.

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There are many nuances and unshakable points of view in raising children, and therefore each parent adheres to the line of behavior that he considers correct, writes Today, most are sure that you need to be honest with your children, that you should not wear masks and put rose-colored glasses on your child, and there is no benefit from hiding obvious truths and gross flattery either. However, there are several nuances when it is more useful to be less frank with children, and even better to keep it a secret altogether.

For example, how happy you are when children finally sleep. Of course, we all know the simple truth: sleeping children are not only cute, but finally!

And who will argue that the time after "Goodnight, kids" is one of the happiest and most beautiful, especially if you are a little tired of the parental burden. You can relax, do household chores or spend an hour or two with your spouse. But even if you are looking forward to these hours of the night, do not let the children understand this, because careless words can easily break their little hearts.

For the time being, it's best to keep a secret about how you really feel about food, and hide your junk food cravings a bit.

Pamper yourself with chips and from childhood hate milk porridges? Your right, but here you can hardly consider yourself a good role model. So, perhaps, it is better to hide the packaging with the coveted potatoes on the top shelf and with a cheerful look to remind the child of the benefits of oatmeal and assure that you also ate it in your childhood?

In addition, you should not advertise your conflicts in the family. Especially if these are minor scandals that will be resolved anyway.

Alas, it happens to almost everyone - there are quite a few families who in everyday life manage to completely avoid quarrels and scandals. No wonder that so many everyday jokes are invented on this topic.

However, try to avoid open conflicts in front of children, because a quarrel between the two closest and most important people in their lives is traumatic. Moreover, you should not involve children in sorting out relationships, use them as psychologists, complain to them or vent your evil on them. You are an adult and are quite capable of dealing with everything on your own. Behind closed doors in the bedroom.

Excess will be knowing how much you hate housework.

Yes, that's a fact. Few people like to clean the toilet or hang clothes on the dryer, but should your children know how much life upsets you? Household chores are part of growing up. This is what teaches how to be responsible and organized. Once they start doing their chores around the house, they will find out for themselves how hard it can be. And it is much better if grown-up children treat this as an integral part of life than trying to throw off as many of these bleak responsibilities as possible to the future spouse until they are blue in the face.

It is fraught with consequences and informing children of most financial problems.

Of course, serious changes in the budget, whether it be layoffs, salary cuts or the yoke of a loan, should not be hidden. However, in all other respects, it is important not to place in the child either feelings of guilt or thoughts that he is a burden to you. Life is an expensive thing, which we all knew very well when we made the decision to give birth. Therefore, complaints that you again need to buy winter boots, because a child has grown out of old ones, voice only among adult ears. Just as you should not poke how much mugs cost you or how much money you spent on his brand new phone.

Expensive? Do not drive and do not buy. Decided to provide - do not write it in "debts".

It would be nice to diminish how much you worry and worry about them.

We all love our children. And often, along with love, there is a constant fear that something might happen to them. It's important to strike a balance so that your kids know you're worried about them, while keeping your paranoid concerns about their safety and health under wraps.

Constant calls, messages and exclamations “I'm worried!” Will become shackles. And this is not great.

And finally: is it really necessary to bring to the attention of children how painful it is to give birth to them?

In the end, it was all worth it, right?

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