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What is 'French style' and why American women are crazy about it


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In the year of the pandemic, American culture has changed a lot. More people than ever are working from home, going to school virtually and staying away from other people, says Medium.

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As a result, priorities change from "what will other people think?" to "what will make me feel better at this moment?"

So, the “French style” is effortlessly light - the embodiment of what modern culture has become (quickly and unexpectedly). Throw in the incredible popularity of 2020 Netflix's Emily in Paris and you've got the latest phenomenon that no one seems to be able to stop exploring.

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What is "French style" and why is it so different from the typical American style?

The French way of life seems to be such a stark contrast to everyday American life: a leisurely morning in the garden, fresh produce after a walk to the local market, no expectation, no fatigue, no exhaustion. And it also reflects on their beauty and fashion.

In a nutshell, French Girl Style is elegant lightness. The idea is that you always look collected, but with minimal effort.

French makeup

The French girl's approach to makeup is about "less is more." The French appreciate the skincare products that American culture has become more familiar with in recent years, and their popularity has skyrocketed since the pandemic. Often the result is a minimalist makeup that is paired with classic red lipstick for extra shine.

Since the French devote more time to skin care, they spend less time applying makeup, freeing up time for little joys. Hence the American vision of a carefree, beautiful French woman sipping an espresso and delicately nibbling a croissant in a cozy cafe.

French hair

Undoubtedly, some of the most talked about hair trends of 2020 have been inspired by French girls. Along with the "casual elegance" theme, there is a French version of the I-just-woke-up haircut. Another hairstyle that is incredibly popular on the Internet is that the hair should be dried naturally, not with a hairdryer, in order to highlight your natural beauty.

French fashion

What cannot be ignored when thinking about the French girl's style is, of course, the style itself. The French have mastered the capsule wardrobe, another element that simplifies their daily routine and is now in demand by the average American.

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By collecting specially selected, well-made, neutral items in the closet, a French girl can spend more time looking for clothes that are fun and less time looking for unwanted clothes. The basic idea is to collect items that make you feel happier and match them with others in your closet.

Let's face it realistically - who wouldn't like the idea of ​​getting out of bed and taking a short break before moving on to the more important things of the day? After the pandemic year we've been through, the French girl's style seems to be getting more attractive as we move from clothing designed to impress to new priorities of functionality and comfort.

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