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What is bizybord and how it is useful for children


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The business board is a special development board for young children whose main function is the development of logic, fine motor skills and knowledge of the nature of things. The creator of this kind of simulator for children's fingers was Maria Montessori.

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Montessori put forward the idea that in order to know the surrounding things, a child does not have to play with a switch, door locks, lightning and other things, putting his life in danger. For the safety of the child, it is rational to transfer these items to one place, observing all the rules for their use. Thus, the child will know the world around him, develop physically and intellectually.

In fact, making a business board for your child is not at all difficult. In addition, watching your child, you can pick up exactly those tools that are interesting to the baby.

Each child develops individually, and at certain stages of his development, his preferences change. For example, at 3 years old he likes to open and close, and at 4 he likes to fasten buttons or string beads. Still need to consider the gender of the child. Boys can add more twisting tools, and girls - ribbons and bows.

How to make a bizybord with your own hands?

You will need: a small piece of plywood or chipboard. You can use a board or plastic. For very young ones, just take a thick cardboard. You also need glue or screws, with the help of which you will be able to fasten on the basis of those elements that are interesting to your child.

Further use fantasy and improvised means:

  1. Door furniture. Locks, door chains, door handles, latches. With snaps neatly - they must be serviceable and not seize, so that there is no risk of damaging the child's fingers.
  2. Shoelaces. You can make a bright shoe and stick it on plywood, insert a lace into the holes. So the baby will learn to lace up.
  3. Accessories for sewing. Rivets, zippers, buttons, hooks with eyelets, Velcro.
  4. Bells, abacus, beads. Sorting the beads with your fingers promotes the development of motor skills.
  5. A small flashlight or light bulb. Circuit breakers. Bolts with nuts.
  6. Old socket with a plug. The dial from the old phone. Or buttons with numbers.
  7. Steering wheel, wheel from old cars. In general - everything that can be twisted.

The most important thing is to fix all the objects well so that even strong children cannot break, unscrew, tear off. For babies under 3 years old Do not use small parts.

Another caveat - any, even superinteresting board will bore the child in 3-4 months. Therefore, it makes sense to make not one, but two, or even three sideboards with a different set of functions. As soon as a child gets bored with one, he can be hidden and get a second. Thus, three lifeboards can be enough for a year or more.

Scientists have proved that children who enthusiastically play with such a simulator from childhood begin to speak earlier, they increase their concentration of attention, improve their general intellectual development, develop perseverance, develop imagination, attentiveness, creative and logical thinking.

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