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What is worth changing in your life after 40 years in order to preserve youth



It's great if by the age of 40 a woman has learned to take care of herself with the help of cosmetics. Now is the time to acquire good habits in order to stay young and attractive for a long time, writes

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According to the modern WHO classification, a woman is considered young up to 45 years old. After that, some join the ranks of mature ladies, while others - beautiful women without age. Here are seven habits that will help you stay young as long as possible.

Learn to listen to your body

Everyone comes to this period in a different state and everyone experiences it differently, therefore the means of supporting health and beauty will differ from woman to woman. From this age, everything that you do with your body should be selected strictly individually and meet your needs in a specific period of time. Recipes "I've been doing this for 10 years now" are worth revising, as well as hopes that everything will go naturally and smoothly by itself.

To get started, build regular check-ups with doctors into your schedule to help you track changes and minimize their effects on your health and appearance. If the following specialists and procedures still do not appear in your diary, it's time to enter:

  • Therapist - once a year to control blood pressure, blood tests for biochemistry, the level of vitamins D and B12, with a lack of which auxiliary therapy is prescribed.
  • Gynecologist - once a year for preventive examination and mammography, once every two years for oncocytological screening.
  • Dentist - every six months for a preventive examination and cleaning of teeth.
  • Dermatologist - once a year to screen your skin condition, observe moles, pigmentation and plan anti-aging beauty treatments.

“At the age of 40, you need to start running around the doctors,” says Elena Asaker, obstetrician-gynecologist, anti-aging medicine specialist.

Even if you are very lucky, even if you are perfectly healthy. At this age, significant changes take place in the body, and your system at this time, figuratively speaking, must be hacked, tested and pumped so that it can work in new conditions for a long time.

Change your diet

Although getting closer to age does not imply a transition to a rigid diet, many women find it hardest to change their diet.

“It can be very difficult to reverse eating behavior,” says Elena.

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It is difficult to give up both an extra cup of coffee and dessert. However, if you want to stay young and beautiful, give your body what it needs most at this age. For a woman, these are foods rich in fiber: fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains. Fatty fish should also be included in the diet. But it is better to introduce red meat into the menu no more than twice a week, its frequent use can intensify internal inflammatory processes. Also, from this age, it becomes necessary to consume a sufficient amount of liquid. Drink plenty of water!

Find the right people

Well, if by now you have already managed to acquire connections, and if not, then right now it is worth gathering the circle of specialists with whom you will be ready to stay for a long time: a hairdresser, a beautician, a make-up artist, a personal trainer, a psychologist, and doctors.

Random experiments on yourself can now play not in your favor, but reliable assistants who understand your needs and together with you observe your changes and evaluate the effectiveness of certain procedures will come in handy. And a lot of procedures will be needed. Hormonal changes lead to the fact that the production of collagen and elastin decreases - there is dryness of tissues, and with it their vulnerability and sagging. Against this background, problems with blood vessels, skin hyperpigmentation are also aggravated. These problems cannot be solved with home remedies - consult a professional for an effective method.

Adjust your daily routine

No wonder the stars, who are over 40 and who look younger than their thirty-year-old colleagues, vying with each other assert that their main trump card is a dream of beauty. High-quality sleep is one of the main conditions for health and youth, it cannot be underestimated. In addition to rest and recovery, proper sleep affects mood, reactions, and even helps control hunger throughout the day.

“Sleep should be continuous and last for 7-9 hours,” the expert emphasizes.

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To wake up as wrestlers, we need melatonin, which is produced only with quality sleep from 12 am to 5 am. It is this hormone that triggers all biological rhythms in the body, so it is important to go to bed before midnight.

It is also necessary to adhere to intermittent fasting at night and maintain a gap of 12-14 hours between dinner and breakfast. This is not only a simple advice, but also an effective prevention of many conditions that cause early aging of the body and age-related diseases.

Change your workouts

Even those who are lucky with genetics and metabolism will now still have to go to workout. At the age of 40-50, women of any body size tend to lose their shape and become overgrown with fat. This happens because the body loses the volume of dry muscle mass if it becomes not particularly in demand (during office work, for example). And even if you have a balanced, correct diet, calories to maintain muscle mass are no longer consumed in the same volume, but stored in reserves.

Perhaps you already lead an active lifestyle and attend fitness classes, but at the age of 40, in order to maintain a healthy shape, you will have to fall in love with the glands and exercise regularly - such a load will help keep muscle volume at the desired level.

“You cannot return youth, but you can not lose it,” says Elena Asaker.

At 40, it is not too late to get on this carriage, change your lifestyle and prolong health and functions, including sexual functions, for many years.

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The difference in appearance and physical condition of women over 50, who from a young age began to take care of themselves, and those who have not acquired good habits, is enormous. Today, cosmetology and gynecology (which interact very closely in anti-aging therapy programs) have a wide range of technologies and techniques that you might not even know about before contacting a specialist, and also allow women to look and feel great at both 50 and 70. and older.

Learn to deal with stress

Middle age is full of different experiences. We have to simultaneously adapt to changes in our own bodies, watch how our parents grow old and our children grow up.

The stress of this period is one of the most important factors that health reacts to and which is easily read in our appearance. Don't let stress negate all your efforts in eternal youth.

  • Take time for yourself, make taking care of your health a daily and constant part of your own life.
  • Master relaxation and meditation techniques (use the relaxing meditation mobile app, compile a list of your favorite ASMR videos).
  • Seek help from a psychologist.
  • Use our list and change your daily habits. According to psychologists, planning and performing specific actions aimed at improving health can make the transition to the "middle-aged lady" category soft and calm.

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