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What happened to the three daughters of Vera Glagoleva after the death of her mother


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On January 31, 2020, Vera Glagoleva, a popular film actress and director, would have turned 64 years old. But life has its own corrections: Vera was not able to defeat cancer, she died in August 2017. The actress was married twice and gave birth to three daughters. The two eldest are the children of Rodion Nakhapetov, the youngest is the daughter of Cyril Shubsky. How their lives turned out, what they do, tells


Anna Nakhapetova - film and theater actress

The eldest daughter was born in 1978. Since childhood, the girl was interested in ballet, she liked to dance. Father Rodion Nakhapetov supported the hobbies of his eldest daughter, and gave the child to the ballet studio. Having studied for 9 years, Anna continued her studies at the ballet school in St. Petersburg. After some time, she decided to transfer to Moscow to the choreographic academy.

After her studies, Anna connected her life with the Bolshoi Theater - she got a job there. She managed to take part in many famous ballet performances. Perhaps she would have continued to dance on stage, but the world of cinema attracted Anya no less than ballet. For the first time, the girl tried to act in films at the age of 7 in the film "Sunday Dad".


Over time, her father decided to give her one of the roles in the movie "Russians in the City of Angels." Now Anna Nakhapetova is a famous film actress. In her filmography dozens of works in the cinema appear. The actress performs often in the theater. The most memorable was the theatrical production "Lupof", which took place in the theater of satire and enjoyed considerable success.

When Anna danced on the big stage, she met Yegor Simachev. She began an affair with a ballet dancer. They lived 10 years together, but were not in a hurry to register officially. Relations were legalized only in 2006. The couple had a daughter, Polina. Egor and Anna soon parted, but they do not stop communicating.

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Egor Simachev, like Vera Glagolev, after some time overtook cancer. An insidious disease united the former mother-in-law and the son-in-law - they always tried to support each other. The young man nevertheless coped with oncology. After recovery, he remarried. The wife gave birth to him an heir. He regularly meets with his daughter, and a career in the artist’s ballet is developing successfully.


Maria Nakhapetova - artist, specialist in animation and design

In 1980, the actress had a second daughter - Masha. The girl was not interested in ballet; cinema also attracted little of her. She lit up in the movie only once: she got the role of the episodic plan in the film "Infection." Maria was always interested in painting, drawing.

She graduated from the fine arts studio, art school. Then there was VGIK. After him, Masha continued her studies at the Gnomon school in America. Today Maria works with a specialization in animation and design.


Her first marriage took place in the United States with an emigrant from Russia, who opened his own photo studio abroad. But they did not live long in marriage. After the divorce, Maria returned to her homeland, where she met her second husband - a businessman. She gave birth to two boys to him - Cyril in 2007 and Miron in 2012. The daughter of a famous actress prefers not to reveal the details of her personal life.


Anastasia Ovechkina (Shubskaya) - actress, model, wife of a famous hockey player

The youngest daughter was born in 1993. At that time, Vera Glagoleva married Cyril Shubsky and lived with him in Switzerland. As a child, their daughter was engaged in gymnastics, figure skating and even ballet. In 2015, she happened to star in the movie "Ca-de-bo." A year later, she got a role in the picture of her mother "Ferris Wheel".

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After graduation, Anastasia decided to go to VGIK to become a producer. Anastasia got a role in the movie "A Woman Wants to Know." Two years later, the girl participated in the debutantes ball, which was held by the Chanel Fashion House. After a bright debut, Anastasia decided to become a model.


Glossy publications began bombarding her with invitations to photo shoots. Already in 2015, Anastasia Shubskaya presented a dress from fashionable couturier Valentin Yudashkin at one of the evenings, which was arranged in honor of the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the publication "Russian Silhouette". Soon, her modeling career bored her. Like her older sister Maria, Nastya went to Hollywood - in Los Angeles she studied acting.

The first romance, which almost ended in a wedding, was between Anastasia and Artem Bolshakov. But their relationship did not work out, and the couple broke up. After some time, she began a relationship with the famous hockey player Alexander Ovechkin.


A few months after the beginning of the romance in 2016, young people formalized the relationship, but celebrated the wedding only in the summer of 2017. In August of the following year, the son of the Ovechkins, Sergei.

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