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What happened to the 4-year-old Belarusian, which Roma kidnapped and sold to another family


Source: Videoboom

Minsk woman Tamara Romanovich got married when she was 19. It seems that everything went smoothly: the husband worked as a trolley bus driver, and Tom herself brought up her desired daughter Olga. The problems began when the baby was one year old: her parents began to drink.

After another quarrel, Toma took a daughter and went wandering around the city, tells Videoboom. The young mother was at the local railway station. A gypsy woman approached her, they got into conversation, and the woman persuaded Tamara to go with her to Chisinau, promising the golden mountains.

Of course, Tom was forced to beg at the scene, and a few years later, the local Roma decided to kidnap her daughter. Tamara was sent to the store and, while the woman was shopping, Olga was simply taken away.

The girl was sold to another Gypsy family for gold earrings and money (amount unknown). So Olya became a resident of the city of Magpie Maria Preida.

I must say that her adoptive family treated her well. By Gypsy standards, they didn’t live very poorly: they could provide their own home for the daughters of the 9 classes of education and the courses of the cook, the manicurist and the hairdresser.

Everyone knew that Olya was not a real gypsy, but they treated her well. The girl even won one of the local beauty contests. But Olya thought all this time, who she really felt was not at ease.

In the meantime, Tamara seems to have accepted the loss. I got home on the way, after a while I gave birth to two sons, who were taken away from her because of drunkenness, and one more refused from another in the maternity hospital.

Only after 10 years, local education officials noticed that Olya was missing. They began to search, they even declared it on the international search, but they could not find anyone including in Moldova (the girl’s name was changed).

Before her death, Olya's grandmother told her to find real parents and said everything she knew about her. Information, however, was not so much, because they communicated with the kidnappers, and not with their own girls.

Olya came to the local police station, where she said: her name is Olya, born in 1993, not a Moldovan woman. Through Interpol, we managed to find out that a certain Olya 1993, who was born, was missing in Belarus. So the girl learned that her real name is Romanovich.

In 2014, Olya arrived in Minsk, but the meeting with her mother was not as joyful as we would like. Tamara did not know what to say, but Olya said that she did not blame her mother, because she had a difficult fate. There was no place for the daughter in the parental house. Yes, and the house itself has long been recognized as unfit for life.

For a while Olya lived with her aunt. Later, local officials helped find the girl in the dormitory. And then they refused to queue for better living conditions, because the last 10 years she has not lived in Minsk. However, having understood the situation, Olga was still put in the queue, but there are not so many chances to get housing (after all, 17 thousand people are in the same queue). In general, Olya never knows what to do next ...

For example, she cannot meet her brothers, because everything depends on the secret of adoption. They live in different families, most likely in Minsk. Perhaps they even read in the press about the beauty with a tragic fate, but they do not suspect that this is their sister. All that remains is to wish Olga to find herself. May all the trials she went through remain the most difficult in her life.

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