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What will happen to you if you have 30 extra pounds in 5 years?



When you are thirty, you are young and healthy, and excess weight brings only aesthetic dissatisfaction, as well as some bearable difficulties when buying clothes. At this age, you do not think what awaits you in ten years. You lie on the couch for hours and watch TV or sit at the computer and do not want to limit yourself in pleasures and weaknesses.

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Boring statistics from "British scientists" about the increased risk of developing some kind of disease due to obesity tell you little. These are stories of other people, and you are in control of everything! But with every year and every extra kilogram, the risk of developing these diseases in you increases in a steady progression, writes

Maybe you should try to look into the future? So, if you're a thirty year old fat guy (plus or minus five years), then in ...


Plus 5 kg. You still eat McDonald's hamburgers and a liter of Coca-Cola. And you absolutely do not understand why the head periodically begins to hurt, when you run to the bus or behind the child, flies appear before the eyes and dizziness, sometimes attacks of weakness occur, and with excitement, the face turns red and a feeling of blood rush to the head appears. For fun, having measured the pressure in a pharmacy, you are surprised to find numbers 140/80 millimeters of mercury, and maybe even higher (the norm at this age is 120/80).

You go to the doctor, and he prescribes pills to reduce pressure. He also non-persistently recommends losing weight and exercising. You take pills irregularly, only if you feel unwell. Well, your "physical education" continues to be limited to jogging to the nearest stall with beer and chips.


Plus another 10 kg. First call to the ambulance because of an unbearable headache. The first hypertensive crisis is when the needle of the tonometer (blood pressure meter) goes off scale for 180 mm of mercury. You are taken to the emergency room of a local hospital, given an injection to relieve blood pressure, observed for several hours, and sent home under a written waiver of hospitalization.

At home, you lie in bed for three days, unable to move. Buy yourself a personal blood pressure monitor and start measuring your blood pressure regularly. It rarely drops below 140/90. You start taking the tablets daily. High cholesterol and sugar are found in the blood. The doctor, seeing your figure in the shape of an apple (more deposits on the abdomen than on the hips), speaks of an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and so on. Prescribes the diet you are trying to follow for the first two weeks. Then it becomes easier for you, the fear of a repeated hypertensive crisis passes, you relax and continue to live as before. You are a master of self-belief and you can convince yourself of anything but the need for a lifestyle change!

However, after a while, you notice that it becomes more and more difficult for you to climb the stairs. Knees hurt, shortness of breath and tingling in the heart appear already on the third floor. You are reading something on the Internet about arthrosis, osteochondrosis and coronary heart disease (this is when the heart muscle does not have enough oxygen and during physical exertion it begins to signal us with pain in the left side of the chest).

The idea that you need to do something comes to your mind more and more often. Comes ... and leaves.


Another plus 10 kg. The pressure is higher, the tablets on the bedside table becomes even greater. To maintain the pressure at a normal level, one has to take different drugs per day for 5-8. Hiking without pain in the heart is getting shorter. Your knees hurt and crackle more and more, and now you can’t get up from your chair without helping yourself with your hands, and in the mornings you have a whole ritual of slipping out of bed so as not to aggravate back and knee pains and cause sharp dizziness. Blood sugar stays firmly at an elevated level, and you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

The doctor highly recommends losing weight and gives a leaflet with prohibited products. Everything that you so loved to feast on long autumn-winter-spring-summer evenings fell under a total ban: sweets, sugar, flour, fatty, fried potatoes, carbonated drinks, and so on. Cholesterol-lowering drugs are prescribed. You are regularly met in the queue to see a doctor, and the ambulance manager already knows your voice. You go on a diet, suffer from hunger, but losing weight is becoming harder and harder.

A doctor in a fitness club, which you finally decided to visit, after listening to your complaints and reviewing diagnoses, recommends you to a health group at the nearest health center. The orthopedist proposes to replace the knee joints with prostheses, which are already affected by arthrosis of the third degree. A neurologist prescribes a course of regular droppers and adds a couple more drugs to the bedside table in connection with the appearance of new complaints and cholesterol plaques in the vessels of the brain. Increasingly, one has to seek help from close people to help them change their clothes, put on their socks (prevents the stomach), process the skin in fat folds. Naturally, for ladies shoes with heels have long been forgotten, and more and more often have to take a cane, even for short walks.


Myocardial infarction. A plaque of cholesterol has come off and clogged one of the vessels that feed the heart. Intolerable chest pain, ambulance, resuscitation or operating table. Long-term treatment, disability. Walks mainly to the clinic. Persistent headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness, pain and burning sensation in the feet, the appearance of non-healing leg ulcers due to diabetes mellitus. The tablets are taken before, after and instead of food. At night, sleep is periodically interrupted by the frightened voice of the spouse: "You have stopped snoring, what's wrong with you?"

The doctor makes a diagnosis: obstructive sleep apnea. Sometimes the total time without breathing is several hours per night! Constant awakenings, lack of oxygen, drowsiness in the afternoon, deterioration of memory and attention - all this becomes the daily reality of a complete person with the Pickwick syndrome. A planned joint replacement operation is canceled due to contraindications. You are offered to inject special preparations into your knees. Needles, in the knee ... The pain passes, but not for long. Six months later, you have to prick again. Let's just keep silent about the numerous hospitalizations, ambulances and calls of the district physicians.


Here, the future of today's little fat guy or 30 girl is no longer visible. Probably it is not there.

You are dead. In an age that in the modern world differs from the average age of death by several decades.

And this is not the worst scenario - everything can be much worse and more sudden. The modern food industry, which has lost touch with reality, a passion for an immobile lifestyle and a lack of physical activity, in principle, can reduce the duration of the described ending by half, and maybe even more. If in the childhood of modern 30-40-year-olds at school there was one fat man for the whole class, at whom everyone sneered, today, taking the child to the first grade, I see that a third of the students are overweight at an early age! That is, the story written about a 30-year-old fat man begins for them at about ten years old.
Three years ago in Thailand, I admired slender nymphoid girls and women. Now I wonder how few of them are left. Thais were fascinated by Western values ​​and also adopted a destructive lifestyle and nutrition.

I saw American schools and their students: a third of children are completely immense in size, not typical even for a large adult, a third is clearly overweight and just lumps of body fat, a third are normal, healthy children. And only a third are what we see in Hollywood blockbusters. Sometimes it's just amazing where producers and directors generally take the likes of Megan Fox, Emma Watson, Brad Pitt and Elijah Wood. It is unclear how in the future grown-up children who are disabled today will support our old age in 40-50 years. It's very scary. And discard the habit of thinking like this inherent in Russians: this is a story about some other people, other children ... No, this is our story, and, as happened in Thailand in three years, it will come to us. She has already arrived - just look at last carefully around!

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