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What's with Pugacheva: a plastic surgeon revealed the secret of sudden star rejuvenation


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The changes in the appearance of the Diva, which many of her fans began to notice, put many of them at a standstill: in some photos, 70-year-old Alla Pugacheva looks like her daughter Kristina Orbakaite, while others look like her friend Laima Vaikule, they write "Facts".


The first time the updated face of the Diva was appreciated during the celebration of the anniversary of Igor Nikolaev. The guests noted that Alla Borisovna's face contour changed and all the wrinkles disappeared in an incredible way.

But only a year ago, Pugacheva stated that she was getting old, and moreover, quite sharply.

“The body is failing,” the singer said then. “It’s hard for me to breathe, it’s hard for me to walk, but I am still alive and have to live for the sake of young children. I wish you many years of happiness. Do not age longer with either soul or body. Send your venom and malice to fight problems more important than my aging and weakness. Anyway, in the last days of my life I will think about the children and about you, who, with their applause, have made my life full and beautiful. Hear me and understand me once. We live on. ”

Today, Pugachev is bombarded with compliments and surprised at her wonderful rejuvenation.


To find out the reason for the sharp "rejuvenation" of the Diva, the publication turned to the Moscow plastic surgeon Leila Yeprikyan.

“Now, in the age of Internet technologies, it is first of all worth paying attention to the so-called filters and masks on Instagram, and not immediately suspecting a person that he has visited a surgeon,” said the doctor, having studied recent photographs of Alla Pugacheva.

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According to Leila, with the help of all these functions, you can now "draw" any face. To reliably say whether there was surgery here, of course, you need to see the pictures in their original form.

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In addition, she noted that the singer most likely underwent a facial massage course - there are a great many of them now, and with their help it is possible to correct forms very effectively.


“It’s not necessary to go under the knife,” the expert believes. - In addition, Alla Borisovna may have punctured a course of vitamins. This smooths wrinkles out perfectly - at least superficial. If she still decides on any operation, then I can say this. Many are worried about the age of the patient, if he is, say, over 60. It is not the physiological age that matters, but the general condition of the body. If it allows surgery, then there are no obstacles! ”

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