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'What's the matter?': Fans denounce Ani Lorak for abuse of beauty procedures


Source: New Time Style

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak criticized on the Web for plastic and photoshop, writes "New Time Style".


The 41-year-old artist, who lives and works in Russia, posted on her Instagram page a frame from the new photo shoot. In the picture, Lorak poses in a leather pantsuit and black top, exposing a slender belly.

However, the attention of netizens was attracted not by a stylish outfit and a perfect figure, but by the artist’s face, which, according to followers, went too far with plastic and photoshop.

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“God, what's with your face ?!”, “We re-photographed”, “Everything is beautiful, but artificial. Carolina is not the same one, "" What have you done to yourself? "," What a terrible face, "they write on the Web.

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However, most of the comments were positive, which prompted some Instagram users to the idea that Lorak “cheats” them.

"Sometimes it feels like 90% of the comments on the page are" twisted "or how to put it right ... not a single bad comment, but knowing the people in Russia and what they write to Gagarina, Urgant and Khilkevich ... and so on. It's hard to believe in this, - noted on the Web.

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