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What annoys Americans in the gym: exercise politely


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Loudly listen to music through headphones, hang up the simulator with your things during stretching, spray yourself with perfume after classes ... you can not notice behind yourself these small details that lead out of others.

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Follow these 10 gymnastics rules to avoid earning your reputation as the worst visitor to offer. magazine "Health".

1. You do not wipe your trainers

One of the main crimes against decency committed in the gym. “I was diagnosed with panniculitis, an inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue,” says Jessica Meht, an Oregon yoga instructor. “The doctor said that the reason is most likely in the contaminated surface of sports simulators.” Take a towel, disinfectants and clean up after you. Whether there are traces of your sweat or not on the simulator, be sure to wipe it after yourself. Rugs this also applies - no one wants to push up from the floor in a pool of your sweat.

2. You give away unsolicited advice

Even if you are driven by the highest humane impulses, do not try to give advice to other visitors - after all, you do not know all the features of their state of health or level of fitness. Your uninvited advice may not only be inappropriate, but also dangerous.

Full fitness trainer Janette DePatie adds that uninvited cheering is just as annoying: “I lost count of how many times other gym goers came up to me and said,“ You're great! Keep up the good work and you will certainly lose weight! ”. First, my figure and weight do not concern you. And secondly, even though I am a big girl, I deserve no more praise for my performance than any other trainee. "

3. You are late for group classes

You not only distract other people from practicing zumba or kickboxing, but also harm yourself. “When a student arrives later than the start of the lesson, the instructor does not have time to find out about any injuries and suggest the necessary modifications for the exercises,” said Scarlett Redmond, an instructor from Los Angeles. - Those who are late miss a warm-up, which is extremely important before starting any activity. You can not curl into a pose of a pigeon without doing the necessary workout on the hips before this! ”

4. You are invading someone’s private space

If a person has headphones in their ears, you don't need to think that they are eager to discuss the latest episode of a popular TV series with you. And many people prefer to exercise through a simulator or two from each other, if the gym is not too crowded. "Frankly, it is a little annoying when, in a half-empty room with completely free treadmills, a person decides to use the one next to you," complains South Dakota instructor Kyle Krantz.

And never queue up for the machine! “If the machine is busy, don't wait for it to be free! It's awful when a person is standing next to you, staring and waiting for you to finish your reps, ”says trainer Erica Latrice from North Carolina.

5. You take a selfie in the gym

To be proud of your toned body and constant progress is excellent! Making 100 + photos of yourself in the gym, while occupying someone's place is the height of selfishness.

6. You do not put things where they were taken

“There is nothing worse than walking up to a barbell already hung with discs,” says Luke Thornton, a fitness expert. - This is a simple etiquette: work out - take off the disks, take away the dumbbells ... ". Not only is this impolite, the other person may not be able to use the same barbell at all - maybe not everyone is as strong as you! If you can hang the discs, you can remove them. The same goes for balls, skipping ropes, etc. - they need to be folded where they came from, so as not to force the next trainees to look for them throughout the hall.

7. You sing or speak loudly on the phone

“We all love listening to good songs that motivate us — but not by a neighbor!” Says New York coach Sean Zetlin. Save your Taylor Swift covers for the car or the soul in your home. Lovers talk on the phone - now about you: talk less and quieter. Many and so hardly manage to reach the hall, do not complicate this task for them even more.

8. You occupy simulators idle

Resting or writing SMS to a girlfriend from the saddle of a stationary bike is a gymnasal crime if other people have this demand. Make a short respite between repetitions - one. Sitting around to chat on the phone or play Candy Crush is another.

9. You use perfume

Deodorant, sweeping away the unpleasant smell of sweat, will save the noses of others in the gym. "Percussion" perfume will only make it worse. For many people, the sense of smell is aggravated, and your smell can knock them out of the rut, especially during exercise, when breathing is very important.

10. You are competing with others

“I'm just a mom who is trying to keep herself in shape,” said April Jimenez, a visitor to one of the gyms in New York. “But from time to time a man appears next to me who wants to challenge me: he peeps at the board of my treadmill and deliberately puts his speed higher.” Of course, healthy competition can motivate you to train harder, but it’s completely stupid to arrange a race with a neighbor who doesn’t even know about it. Save this competition to the next half marathon.

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