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What happened in the final 'Voice. Children ': details of the loudest scandal of Russian show business


Source: RBC

26 April in the finale of the show “Voice. Children ”according to the results of the audience vote won Mikella Abramova - the daughter of the singer Alsou and the banker Jan Abramova. Channel One decided to check the results. What is known about the situation - in the review RBC.

What happened

Channel One showed the final of the sixth season of the Voice. Children ”on Friday night, April 26. Three participants passed to the final stage: Mikella Abramova, Valery Kuzakov and Yerzhan Maxim.

56,5% of viewers voted for Abramov, Maxim received 27,9%, and Kuzakov received 15,6%.

Soon RBC sources on Channel One and in the company Red Square, producing the show Voice. Children, "reported on the need to verify the results, because" signs of abnormal voting were noticed.

27 April on Channel One did not broadcast a film about the competition, which is traditionally shown the day after the final. According to the RBC source, the decision to change the broadcasting schedule was made even at night, after the broadcast of the final of the competition, so the film did not appear on the screens already in the Far East.

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On the same day, on Saturday, Channel One officially confirmed that it would check the results of the voting.

The channel's website published the results obtained after the closure of telephone and SMS voting. In accordance with them, the participant who took the first place (the names are not given in the table), by SMS, was given one and a half times more votes than the nearest competitor, and through the telephone vote - 18 times.

They decided to involve experts from Group-IB to investigate. They will check if there is a technical possibility to influence the voting process. Methods of verification the company has not yet advertised.

Who participated in the final “Voice. Children"

"Vote. Children ”is an adaptation of the Netherlands vocal television competition The Voice Kids. Last season of the program was the sixth.

Nine participants from three mentors reached the final. The team of Svetlana Loboda included Mikella Abramova, Robert Bagratyan and Nino Chesner, the team of Pelageya - Valery Kuzakov, Renata Tairova and Mariam Abdelkader, under the direction of Valery Meladze were Mikhail Grigoryan, Yerzhan Maxim and Anastasia Sisauri.

Abramov passed the final stage with the song "You are here", Maxim with Adagio and Kuzakov, who performed the song "How young we were."


Presenter of the contest “Voice. Children ”Dmitry Nagiyev told RBC that the results could be annulled if it turns out that they were obtained by dishonest means.

“If it turns out that all this is fair, then this is fair, and those who don’t like the winner are their problems. If it turns out that at least some frauds have been, I am in favor of canceling the results of the finals and making an honest finale, ”said Nagiyev.

Another host of the contest, Aglaia Shilovskaya, wrote in her Instagram that the victory of Mikella Abramova was a shock for the jury and the leadership of the channel. At the same time, she noted that in this situation, she most regretted Abramov herself: “In this situation, I, most of all, strangely enough, feel sorry for the winner. She is a good girl and sings well. ”

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Director General of the “First” Konstantin Ernst noted that the gap between the participants was significant.

"This gap, perhaps, never happened," - said in a statement received by RBC.

Channel One will inform about the results of the initiated test. We cannot allow a shadow to be cast on the honesty of Golos, especially when it comes to a competition with the participation of children, ”Ernst emphasized.

The representative of one of the mentors of the children's "Voice", Svetlana Loboda (Mikella Abramova participated in the competition under her supervision. - RBC), Natella Krapivina wrote on her Instagram: "I think the story of" Voice "is over for us." She urged not to condemn any of the children for what is happening.

Later it became known that Loboda and Alla Pugacheva met with other participants of the show “Voice. Children ”- Yerzhan Maxim, Anastasia Ivanova, Robert Bagratyan and Nino Chesner.

The finalist of the contest, Yerzhan Maxim, said that he was not offended by the fact that he had not received first place. If he wins, he would be congratulated and forgotten, he said. He rated the results of the competition as fair.

Music producer Iosif Prigogine urged not to create a stir around the situation and stop the persecution of Mikella Abramova.

“Let's calmly analyze what happened after all. And the following happened: fans of Alsou voted for Mikella, of whom she has a lot <...>. This was Mikella's only powerful advantage over the rest of the participants, and this is neither her fault nor her parents, ”he wrote on Instagram.

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