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What Americans Buy Instead of Buckwheat: Immigrant Notes on Quarantine in the USA


Source: Sergey Kurilenko on Yandex.Dzen

The topic of products has become especially relevant over the past month. First, everyone screams that the products are running out and we should rather buy up everything that remains on the shelves. Then the alarmists began to condemn, and the shortage (if any) of essential goods seemed to be filled. And if buckwheat and canned goods were bought from us, then the Americans got a slightly different set, writes Sergey Kurylenko in his blog for "Yandex.Zen".

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In the current environment, I'm starting to get lost. Immediately after the epidemic was announced, people ran to stores and began to sweep everything off the shelves. Almost immediately, such behavior was condemned, because many simply did not have enough.

Later quarantined and urged to go out as rarely as possible, but this is not possible if you do not collect goods in reserve. However, this is not the main topic of the article.

The epidemic has affected Americans more than many other countries. As you know, they used to pick up large carts with products, and now, it seems, even the situation obliges.

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Because of the epidemic, they had to make some adjustments to their grocery cart. At the same time, some already in demand goods have become even more in demand.

Now some products are sold at all with a limit of not more than 2 units with one-handed packaging.

If you believe the locals, in America in all stores eggs are quickly sorted, and all categories. Shelves literally remain empty. In this, I think, there is nothing strange, because eggs are components of many dishes, and in themselves they contain a lot of protein.

Sugar is also in demand, but the shelves are not completely empty, because it is included in the list of essential goods.

Now we turn to the products that are most in demand in the United States, when compared with other countries.

Americans are very fond of pasta with cheese. In one bag you will find regular pasta, and in the other there will be dried cheese, which you just need to pour on hot pasta. This product is stored for a long time, so they buy up whole blocks of several packages.

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Actively bought canned vegetables with a variety of variations - who likes what more. This choice seems logical, because they are stored for a long time.

Well, the American analogue of Doshirak has not gone anywhere. True, the noodles in this product are Korean, but it is oriented to the American market.

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