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What you need to know about real American women

Tina Hellwig



The USA is a multinational country. American women are like a large and beautiful multi-colored bouquet. Remove any flower - and the bouquet will lose its charm. I want to share my observations on American women.

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American Beauty

The standard of American beauty is a snow-white smile and well-groomed hair. Most American women prefer to wear long hair. They can be collected at the back of the head in a ponytail. The hairstyle looks strict and appropriate when the lady comes to the office. In an informal setting, hair can be beautifully styled, and like an expensive frame, it frames the face and makes it more attractive. Most young girls and women prefer to wear shoulder-length hair. Interestingly, getting older, many ladies do not part with this hairstyle.

Talking with American women in different settings, I noticed that they follow the dress code when in the office, and are very relaxed about clothes when they visit stores, clinics and other public places. I have never seen an American woman in evening dress and high heels going shopping in a supermarket. The usual outfit for going to the store is jeans, a topic or blouse, comfortable low-heeled shoes.

A few words about makeup.

It is clear that a lady cannot come to work in full war paint: she will tint her eyes a little, lightly enliven her face with blush and powder her nose to match her skin. For going out (guests, restaurant, theater), a woman will use brighter makeup and dress up accordingly.

Sometimes I caught myself on the fact that I really like young slender African American women. Even very bright make-up during the day looks fantastically beautiful on their black as night face. Proud fit of the head, graceful movements, beautifully styled hair from many braids make them look like precious ebony figurines.


The USA is a country where there is no division into male and female professions. Women, along with men, serve in the army, they are sent to hot spots, like any soldier in the American army. Women serve on aircraft carriers and submarines. You can imagine how difficult it is for women to serve on warships in confined spaces.

Many women want to have a prestigious job. The road to it lies through a college or university. Who has the financial opportunity, can continue their education at the most prestigious universities in America.

If desired, a woman can make a brilliant career: for example, become a famous scientist, like Professor Gillian Banfield, who received a UNESCO prize for her research, or a famous politician, like Nancy Pelosi, who worked for many years as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

I was once surprised to the core when I saw on TV how a team of elderly women was tiling a house for a lonely poor woman who had no money to fix the roof. They fearlessly sat on the rafters, laying tiles, cheerfully talking among themselves. All these ladies have worked in construction companies as roofers for many years! And when they retired, they organized a brigade of volunteers that comes to help people.


Many American women are in no hurry to get married, believing that it is better to get a higher education and make a career first, and then you can think about a family.

American families have many children. 2-3 children is usually, but in some families women give birth as many as God sends. This is especially true for Mexican families. While the children are small, the mother is usually at home. As soon as they go to school, the woman prefers to start working again, because very often the money of the head of the family is not enough to cover all the expenses of the family.

If you drop by to visit your American friends, then the hostess of the house will never run to the kitchen to cook something tasty for the dear guest, as is customary in Russia. You may be offered something to drink: coffee, Coca-Cola, beer or a glass of wine. By the way, it is not customary to visit American houses without an invitation.

If someone in the family has a birthday, then the hostess will not run around the shops and buy food, then stand at the stove and cook for everyone. In this case, the family orders dinner at a restaurant, invites relatives, friends, acquaintances there and celebrates merrily. It is customary in restaurants to congratulate the birthday man. So that all visitors are aware of who is the hero of the occasion.

Unconventional sexual orientation

In the United States, it is somehow not very common to hide non-traditional sexual orientation. Love between two women is perceived by most people around as naturally as heterosexual relationships. A few years ago, in some states, lesbians received the official right to register same-sex marriage.

For example, recently Tammy Smith, who does not hide her homosexual orientation, received the rank of brigadier general. At a ceremony held in Washington, her wife, Tracey Hepner, attached the general's star to her uniform. This couple officially registered their union in the Federal District of Columbia, where same-sex marriage was legalized back in December 2008.

By the way, last year the US Army abolished the “don't ask, don't tell” policy, according to which military personnel who somehow discovered their homosexual orientation were subject to dismissal from the army.

Many lesbian families adopt and raise children. I just have a very bad idea how they explain to the child who they are to him: two mothers or ...

Older american women

If a married couple has gathered for retirement, then very often people plan where they should live on a well-deserved rest. Florida and California are very popular with retirees. Many pensioners continue to work. For them it is important to have extra money, while others just want to be in public and are not in a hurry to use their rights to well-deserved rest.

In the US, women live longer than men. If a woman is left alone and has a small pension, she can go to her husband’s larger social pension. In America, the retirement age is called the golden years. For many, this is truly golden time.

Older people have more time to devote to themselves and their hobbies, many of them work in various charitable organizations as volunteers. For example, one of our acquaintances, 79 years old, has been working as a volunteer in a hospital for 15 years, where she worked as a nurse for many years.

14 years ago, Sue Cooper founded the red hat society for ladies who... These amazing women live a full life: they communicate, travel together, unite according to their interests. Once my husband and I were having lunch at the Golden Coral restaurant and saw 10-12 women in red hats celebrating some kind of celebration there. I was very surprised and asked my husband who these ladies were. He explained to me. In my opinion, this is a wonderful organization that helps women live fully, forgetting about such conventions as age!

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