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What you need to know if you rent a child car seat


Source: Consumer Reports

Car rental companies often offer to add a child car seat to the order if you do not want or cannot take your own on the trip.

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Consumer Reports gives parents tips that are important to consider if you are going to rent a car seat for your child.

What should I look for?

  • Price. Chair rent is, on average, at least $ 13 per day; most car rental companies set the top mark at $ 65. Therefore, if you are planning a long-term rental, it may be more profitable to explore the next point.
  • Buy a travel car seat. Basically, it is a spare car seat that is used on the trip and does not allow the main seat to be damaged during transport or baggage handling. You should focus on safety, portability and price.
  • Take your own chair if you can. Most airlines allow you to take car seats in the luggage for free, some also offer a protective plastic cover.

Buy a chair in advance, send it to a friend or acquaintance at your destination. You need to take into account the time for delivery, and it is important to be sure that the chair can be properly installed. See online instructions, videos - also in advance. When you arrive, someone will have to bring a seat at the airport or car rental point, whose services you use.

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Problems you may encounter, if you do not take your own chair on a trip:

Employees of a car rental agency may not know enough about children's car seats and their installation, whether a seat is suitable for a child of your age, for its weight and height. Sometimes even there is no guarantee that the chair will be available.

  • What can be done? When placing your order, give clear and specific introductions. For example, a baby chair with a carrying handle that can be repositioned so that it can be placed facing forward or backward in motion.

The condition of the car seat may be desired. Examine the chair offered to you to make sure that it has all the necessary parts, there is no damage, pay attention to cleanliness, expiration dates (indicated on the model). The seat must be properly installed in your car and securely fixed.

  • What can be done? Each seat has a sticker, which shows all the necessary dates and dates. The shelf life of the product is also usually printed on the seat and noted in the user manual. If the condition of the seat that you were offered does not meet your requirements or expires, ask the agency to provide you with a new car seat.

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