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That in no case can not give on the New Year 2019


Source: Today

Less than four weeks are left before the New Year, and many are decorating their homes. But the main problem over which they are puzzled is what to give 2019 for the New Year.

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To simplify the selection, Today.Lifestyle offers a selection of things that in no case can not be presented as a New Year's gift.

Bath accessories

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A pig has an excellent scent, besides, she likes to roll in the dirt, so a gift in the form of hygiene items will be inappropriate: soap, a comb, shampoo, etc.

Necklaces and necklaces

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Such accessories resemble collars by their external characteristics. If you want to please a woman with jewelry, do not piss off the 2019 symbol of the year, let it be rings, bracelets or earrings.


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Do not forget that the pungent odors irritate the pig. Therefore, the perfume does not need to give. If you present in a New Year's Eve perfume, you can run into discontent of the hostess of the year.

Tools, piercing objects, knives

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The new 2019 year may be unsuccessful if you donate tools or cutting objects for a holiday. The pig will regard such a gift as a danger and too aggressively tune in against the recipient of the present.

Hand-made souvenirs

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The pig does not appreciate trinkets and hand-made gifts. She is a practical and economic animal, so that you don’t please her. Give something practical, something that is useful in everyday life, at work, on vacation.

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