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What is wrong with Katya and Gosha: 'Moscow doesn’t believe in tears' through the eyes of an American


Source: Oksana lexell

I watched the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” with my American girlfriend Chris. After all, an Oscar movie, whatever one may say. I wanted my friend, who adores Russian classical literature, to get acquainted with this masterpiece of our film classics. We watched with English subtitles. Towards the end of the film, Chris said she had a lot of questions.

Photo: still from the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", YouTube / Mosfilm

- Oksana, I don't understand why, if Katya was the director of such a large factory and she had three thousand people under her supervision, she lived with her child (!!!) practically in a hole in the wall. This is incredible: two people live in a one-room apartment. The director of a large enterprise is sleeping in the living room on a sofa bed! What does it mean?

- Well, Chris, it was still in the Union, then we all lived like that. I lived in a one-room apartment with my sister and parents. My sister and I also slept in the living room on folding sofas.

- Yes, but your parents weren't such big bosses as the heroine Katya?

- But then we had universal equality and brotherhood ...

- But you yourself said that the communists had much more, and was not Katya a communist, having a leading position? By the way, why does Nikolai's mother say the phrase “Is the restaurant decently fed?”. Have you been fed badly, including in restaurants, but then how did they exist and did not go out of business for a long time?

I scratched my head, but Chris kept her questions backfill.

- Why is she, being such a big boss, driving such a fucking piss of shit that constantly breaks? Her director's salary isn't enough for a decent car?

My story about the long-term queues for the car and that the Lada is not at all the letter of a shit, but a very decent car for those times, Chris did not convince. She kept asking questions:

- Oksana, I don't understand. Here is Katya - she is such a beautiful and clever girl, she achieved everything herself, brought up her daughter, but it seems that she cannot feel happy just because there is no man nearby?

Photo: still from the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", YouTube / Mosfilm

Gosh, who has an inferiority complex because his beloved woman earns more, abandoned her in a boorish way, and instead of scoring on him, she is looking for him all over Moscow, having lost all pride and dignity? And then she takes him back with tears in her eyes, but does she not understand that their relationship will not work out anyway: she earns more than him, and for him this is a problem. So he is a shit-man, isn't he? Am I not right?

Why are the filmmakers carrying out the idea that a woman, no matter what she has achieved, is still inferior if she has no “pants” around? What is this bulshit, explain to me, pliz?

By the way, if anyone has dark thoughts about Chris's background, don't dig in, I'll tell you right away. Chris is a dazzling blonde beauty of small size, the owner of a black karate belt, at 58 looks 45 without a single plastic operation, is happily married to her handsome husband - a successful orthopedic surgeon, lives with him in a castle with ten bedrooms, with as a servant and on the shore of the lake, and at the same time a doctor of sciences, she has a successful private practice of a clinical psychologist. Mother of three children. I say: don't dig in.

Photo: still from the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears", YouTube / Mosfilm

I had pushed a lecture for Chris, starting to dig from 17 onwards, but she just blew me away with my uncluttered logic of a successful and happy American. Every historical passage that I tried to push forward, she immediately pushed. So we passed the languid evening together, agreeing that the answer to everything was the mysterious Slavic soul. Only Chris has added at the end of the white wine in the glass:

- How good it is, Oxy, that you left there. Well, I can't imagine you sitting on a stool and chewing your own snot: “How long have I been looking for you! How long have I been looking for you! ”. What a bullet it is, well, just disgusting!

Although in general the film is not bad and I learned a lot from your history of the Soviet period. And what else interesting from Russian do you have to see?

Original published in Facebook by Oksana Lexell.

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