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What is wrong with houses in the USA: oddities incomprehensible to our immigrants


Source: "Interesting America" ​​on "Yandex.Zen"

Author of the channel "Interesting America" ​​on Yandex.Zen talks about nine everyday oddities in homes in the United States, at the sight of which our immigrants involuntarily think: why do not we have this? And that's not always a compliment to the American home.

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Rooms in an apartment or house

In America, rooms in an apartment are considered a little differently. When many come to America and start looking for a one-room apartment, they are shown an apartment, which in the United States is called “1 bedroom” (with one bedroom). And when you see this "one-bedroom" apartment, you understand that we consider it a two-room apartment. Because there is a bedroom and a room.

How can this be explained? Usually, Americans combine the kitchen with the living room. And that's why this room is not counted.


When you enter the American House, you can see many bedrooms, a spacious living room, but you can hardly see the entrance hall.

Americans don't build hallways. When you open the door to the house, you find yourself in a common space (living room), which has a sofa, a dining table and a kitchen nearby. The most you can see is a shoe rack.


In warm states, Americans wear shoes around the house. Therefore, in these states, there is little dirt on the streets, everything is cleaned, and many move in their own cars. Therefore, many Americans without a twinge of conscience enter the house and go all the way to the bedrooms.

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Huge shells

The next American everyday weirdness is huge sinks in houses. When you see it, it looks like a shell in some restaurants. It is very roomy, some Americans even bathe their children in them. This is very convenient and often have special food waste disposers built into them.


Another American everyday weirdness: local windows. They open "to the side" or "up", and not as we are used to at home.


In cold states, there is no concept of central heating. Many houses have their own boiler rooms or a radiator system in the apartment. The mild climate in most states makes it possible to do without expensive central heating.


Stationary shower without hose. Historically, in America, basically all showers are stationary and without a hose. Many Europeans and Russians cannot get used to it. You can't take a shower without getting your head wet. And it also causes inconvenience when you wash your bath.

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Fitted wardrobes

In many American homes, wardrobes are built into the walls. This is done at the planning stage of apartments and houses, which is very convenient.


Many American apartments and houses lack ceiling lighting. To make it light, you have to buy additional floor lamps.

Original column published on the blog. "Interesting America" ​​on Yandex.Zen

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