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What you really need for happiness

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


Let's talk about happiness! How do you know or understand that a person is happy? Is there a measure, an analysis, a special complexion, a gait, in order to immediately determine by them, - or does each have their own, not like the other? Probably, one size fits all you can not trim, but, nevertheless, let's try.

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Many people do not even know that they are happy until what makes them happy disappears. It can be anything: loss of freedom, person, status, money, and so on. Others do not consider themselves happy until something happens to them, and then it becomes clear that until this day their life could be classified as happy. And this is the whole paradox.


Is a person happy who does not need to jump up at five in the morning and run to work? Most probably not. Although, if he had been doing this for 25 years and suddenly he no longer owed it, then happiness came to you ... But not for long. After a year (or even faster), this fact no longer pleases him.

Can, for example, a person rejoice at the fact that he does not have a boss and he decides everything? Again, unlikely. Only if the boss was, and then ... swam, and now no one needs to report to anyone on each issue.

Is it happiness if you don’t have to worry about tomorrow, how to live, what to pay? And if you are not afraid that the whole plan of life will collapse in one day, is this already happiness or not yet?

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But what if you do not owe or envy anyone, is this happiness? And if you are loved, respected, appreciated, extolled, praised, promoted, set an example to everyone, write books about you, stage performances, legends go ... This is certainly happiness, right? It turned out that here, too, not everything is easily calculated. How many well-known, successful, rich, famous, but unhappy people were, who are no, no, and drink too much, die from an overdose, or simply commit suicide. So, here everything is not so simple. So how can you measure it (God bless him with measurement), how to catch it, illusory happiness if it, like a firebird, curls in front of your nose and is not given into your hands?

Wonderful question. By the way, the answer is also not given into the hands, and even such that it suits everyone.

Although, probably, if a person knows who he is, why he lives, is satisfied with what he has, and the absence of "factories, newspapers, ships" does not torment him and does not reward him with insomnia, then we can say with confidence that he is on the way to happiness. If he has a business, a hobby, a cozy home where he is warm and well, so much so that he does not want to leave ...

Well, let's add some more bricks to the happy bowl.

It is great if he is self-sufficient and he does not need others to cheer, support, cheer, set the right path. He himself will get to everything, understand everything and achieve everything.

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But unhappy then, how are they? And they, I think, are the same, but vice versa. They are guided by a foreign point of view, envious of the best car, figure, apartment, wife of a neighbor. They most often live at odds with themselves, regardless of their financial situation.

Almost everything is not a joy to them. Just not a pleasure, and that’s it. Do not think, they, of course, have small human joys: singing, walking, drinking, theater, vacation and others. But the hop disappears the next morning, and happiness flies away with it. By the way, they drink and refuel with drugs for one of two reasons: either they run after happiness (less often) or run away from misfortune (which more often).

So what have we done as a result? At least a few interesting observations.

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Happiness is ambiguous. You can be happy and not know about it. Sometimes it is necessary to go into the group of “unfortunate” in order to understand that he was happy, but did not realize it. You can be wealthy and happy, or rich, but do not assume that you are happy.

Of course, this topic is large and multifaceted. So you simply can’t deduce laws from ordinary observations, and if you deduce, you are sure to be mistaken. But what is the point then? She, I think, is to think more often about how much we have, even if sometimes it seems that there are actually very few. Children, parents, home, wife / husband, work, hobbies and time for him, relatively stable financial situation, health, finally. Is this a reason to consider yourself happy? I think yes.

What do you think?

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