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What can and can not princesses: the rules of beauty in Buckingham Palace


Source: Instyle

2018 is the year of the year - and we know for sure that most beauty rules are made for violation, with a couple of exceptions like SPF and make-up remover. But what about the royal appearance? Learn about the rules of beauty adopted in Buckingham Palace, offers Instyle.


At first glance, Internet users may think that Meghan Markle immediately began to violate some royal principles, especially when she was seen with her “Saturday morning” hairstyle, reminiscent of a hastily assembled bun at the back of her head. But it is not so. The publication conducted its own investigation of what can be attributed to the royal standards of beauty, and compare them with the images of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

Hair and accessories


The queen doesn't seem to have a site that lists all yes and no, and even if it does exist, we don't have access to it. But we can assume that the protocol implies a neat and simple hairstyle, whether it be the bouncy strands that Kate Middleton likes to show off, or sleek hairstyles with nets and chignons inside.

For the time being, Markl followed all the official rules at events where she was spotted, except for the very beam she made for visiting the radio station with Prince Harry.

Rules regarding hair accessories are considered more common. According to the BBC, the dress code implies women wearing hats at official events, which explains why Middleton and Markl were wearing headdresses at the Queen's Christmas service. For the same reason, Middleton put on her hat at the wedding party of Peppa’s sister.

What about the crown? BBC says jewels are reserved for official events, married women and members of the royal family.



Another category about which you can not say anything specific. Apparently, the makeup should be fairly simple and dim. Often, Kate Middleton wears something more daring than neutral Smokey Eyes. In fact, her makeup style is a clean eyeliner line, a minimum of eye shadow, blush, pale pink or nude lipstick. Her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, was known for her love for ruddy cheeks and bright blue eyeliner.

In general, Markl adheres to the same principle, although several times she applied a shining lip gloss to lunch with the queen. As Internet users convince, this is a violation of the royal rules of beauty.

Although neutral or pale pink lipstick is common for the royal family, in 1952, the queen herself commissioned , create a red lipstick that would be combined with her dress for the coronation. The brand is still favored by the royal family, as well as Elizabeth Arden and Molton Brownand has Royal warrant confirmation that manufactures products for royals.



In 1989, the Queen's hairdresser turned to the company Essie with a request to transfer a bottle of varnish Ballet slippers. This is one of the most fashionable pale pink lacquer shades of this brand, and since then it is the only color that the queen wears.

Transparent neutral shade is probably part of the dress code: Kate Middleton has chosen Essie's allure similar color for their wedding.

Both the queen and Kate were never seen with a manicure different from the pale pink color, and Markle joined these ladies. When the future princess first appeared before the public with a wedding ring on her finger, a neutral glossy shade of lacquer was noticed on her nails.

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