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What is your favorite toy in childhood tells about your character


Source: RusKniga

Psychologists say that a favorite toy can tell a lot about the character of its owner. Let's check! What toy did you like to play with as a child? And your baby? So, how do toys from the past reveal your character traits today?


If you loved to play constructorYou can safely say that you are a persistent, patient, persistent person. You do not quit the job and try by all means to reach the goal. Don't like surprises, so plan ahead.

If you are most attracted pencils or paint, and all the wallpapers in the house were decorated with drawings, then you can be called a person of fine mental organization. However, if you do not show your talents in life, then your soul may become stale.

If in childhood you loved sculpt from plasticinethen you are a real romantic and an idealist. Everything in your environment, you seek to improve, bring closer to the painted ideal. People do not always understand you, but you do not despair and stubbornly go to the goal. Such as you often live in a fictional world and do not want to put up with how life is arranged.


В soldiers play people who think rationally, different mind and ingenuity. Fans of such toys, as a rule, achieve success in areas in which you can apply intelligence and strategic thinking.

Railroad, as a favorite toy in childhood, indicates a light disposition, sociability, sociability and curiosity. You love to travel, learn something new, you are attracted by adventures and adventures. And also you are most likely an optimist.


If favorite childhood entertainment were dollsthen you are the type of people who have a huge number of acquaintances. It is important for you to create a wide circle of communication and make useful contacts. You have kept the phone numbers of people you have seen once in your life for years, because you think they may still be useful to you. You are also attracted to working with people and human nature.

Stuffed Toys talk about sensitivity. If you loved these kinds of toys in childhood, then you are an emotional person. Emotions and feelings dominate you. You love a diverse and vibrant life, but when it ends, you start complaining about fate.

If you prefer from early childhood to sit down booksyou are a dreamer and visionary. You are patient and do not demand much from life, you have high intelligence and diligence, but often you don’t bring it to the end, which makes it difficult to achieve success.


Here are some interesting observations of psychologists. Our favorite activities with you can tell a lot of things about our character. In childhood, playing some games and ignoring others, we get the skills and character traits that remain with us for life. Of course, not everything depends on children's toys. A number of other factors also influence the character of a person, but there is still some truth in this theory of psychologists. What do you think?

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