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What you absolutely can not do at home: 10 main restrictions on Feng Shui


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Accommodation should be as comfortable and thoughtful as possible if you want to enjoy there and enjoy life. How to arrange interior items and in which direction of the bedroom to put the bed, so that your sleep is sound, prompts the Feng Shui Taoist teaching.

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According to his laws, with the proper organization of space, it becomes possible to really achieve harmony in a house, writes Today. At the same time, Feng Shui not only gives advice on the proper organization of space and the placement of furniture. Eastern teaching protects us from wrong actions that can upset the energy balance in our house. So, your attention 10 main prohibitions relating to your home.

Ban №1: You can not hang a mirror in front of the entrance

A mirror hanging in front of the entrance to the house prevents the penetration of positive energy into your home. But it is through the door that the main stream passes, designed to preserve peace and comfort in your family. Mirrors are not suitable for the matrimonial bedroom. In this case, the probability of betrayal of a loved one and discord in love relationships is great. For the rest, there are no prohibitions on placing mirrors in the room, the main thing is that they should not be beaten or cracked. Such mirrors should be immediately removed from the house. In addition, it is desirable that the mirrors reflect the person in full growth, and did not show only fragments of the body.

Ban №2: Do not collect garbage in front of the front door

The second prohibition concerns garbage and trash in front of the front door. This is another object that scares off positive energy and prevents the establishment of harmonious relationships between household members. Any trash, any unnecessary things should not be in the house, and even more so to block the main "artery" of the penetration of happiness into the home. Therefore, without regret, say goodbye to unnecessary things and take them out of the house, making room for necessary and energetically useful things.

Ban №3: No broken things in the house

In the house there should not be a place for things that you do not use because of their breakdown. If any, take the time and money to get them back to working condition. If the thing is completely broken, or you simply stopped using it, it is better to get rid of it. According to Oriental wise men, every broken thing takes one problem away from a person, which means that by getting rid of it, you will make your life much easier. And also, make sure that the pipes do not leak in your house and the taps do not flow, because with every drop of water your happiness goes away too. Follow this rule and see how joy and abundance come into your life.

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Ban number XXUMX: Avoid the sexes of different levels

If the floors in your home have different levels, the energy of creation will circulate much harder. She will constantly face obstacles, which will cause problems for all residents of this house. According to the Feng Shui philosophy, the multi-level floors divide fate into fragments, because of which, the people living in this dwelling have happy moments that give way to tragic ones. Try to make the floors throughout the house be level. In this case, you will stop stumbling on obstacles in your destiny.

Ban No. XXUMX: Avoid protruding corners in the house

The ban on multi-level floors implies a ban on sharp corners in your house. First of all it refers to the protruding corners. Of course, to achieve a streamlined protrusions is not so easy, but try to at least that the edge of the corner does not look into the place where you relax or spend a lot of time. By the way, the suspended (stretch) ceilings carry the negative to the house. Try to get rid of such ceilings, tidying the existing concrete or wooden ceiling.

Ban No. XXUMX: No mess in the bathroom and toilet

The territory of the toilet and bathroom should be kept in perfect cleanliness. Disorder in such premises leads to the emergence of a negative there, which will destroy the aura of your home from the inside. Therefore, regularly impose order there and try once again not to keep the doors of these rooms open. And even if you have a four-legged friend living at home, whose tray is in one of these rooms, make the built-in door, but do not keep the toilet or bathroom open.

Ban №7: Discard the stuffiness in the room

Fresh air is not only a guarantee of health, but also a guarantee of positive energy in the house. When you open windows or windows in the mornings and evenings for 15 minutes, you not only get rid of the accumulation of viruses and bacteria that threaten with colds, but also open the gateways for penetrating into the home of positive energy. And with her you expect a healthy, positive relationship.

Ban №8: Do not litter the workplace

To make your work as productive as possible and bring satisfaction, think about the proper organization of the workplace. In this regard, try to stand with your back to a wall that does not have windows and doors. This way you will save yourself from the outflow of creative energy. Take care of the desktop and items located on it. Everything should be arranged so that it provides good performance, and there should not be unnecessary items on the table, so that nothing interferes with concentrating on the core business.

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Ban No. XXUMX: Do not collect debris in front of your home.

Try to have an open approach to your home, not have big bushes and a heap of cars. It is necessary for the flow of creative energy to be able to enter the house without obstacles. The only thing that allows Feng Shui, is planting shrubs that separate the roadway from the home. By the way, the rule of free space applies to the hallway. It should not be a collection of shoes and a huge amount of outerwear, hanging freely on hangers. For things must be provided for special cabinets and cabinets.

Ban №10: Do not buy housing near the cemetery and hospital

Before buying a house, do not be too lazy to assess the location of your home in relation to the neighboring houses. Feng shui is completely unacceptable is the location of the house near the hospital, cemetery or prison. In this case, you can simply forget about harmony in the house. This also includes the railway tracks passing next to the house. The noise of the train will break the silence, and destroy harmony in the house. On the contrary, a positive energy will bring a neighborhood of your home with a square, park or fountains.

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