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What American doctors say about activated charcoal


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Last year, the cosmetics industry fell in love with activated charcoal and introduced us to charcoal masks, soaps, and scrubs. Beauty companies have praised charcoal's ability to clear skin to a radiant glow. But until now we have used charcoal to keep the outside clean. Now there is a new trend to be cleaned with coal ... from the inside, writes magazine "Health".

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Activated charcoal can now be found not only in the multivitamin department, but also in trendy coffee shops, bars and even pizzerias, where charcoal has found its way into the formulation of teas, cocktails, lemonades, donuts and pizza. Yes, and in the instagram feed, you could notice more and more black dishes.

Unlike the charcoal left over after a barbecue, activated charcoal is treated at higher temperatures. This process makes the surface of the coal porous, and it absorbs everything it comes into contact with. Since activated charcoal is not absorbed in the intestines, it carries a lot of other “garbage” out of the body.

Taking activated charcoal is not exactly new. He has long come to the rescue in cases of food poisoning and overdose, managing to “intercept” and remove poisons and toxins from the body until they are absorbed in the intestines.

But adherents of a healthy lifestyle are building a theory that if activated charcoal is used around the world to remove toxic substances, then the “household” toxins that we accumulate from the environment and food on a daily basis can also be removed. That is why demand gave birth to supply, and activated charcoal tablets and capsules can now be found at every turn.

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Do you need to take activated charcoal

Activated carbon has never been used as a prophylactic agent, so no large studies have yet been conducted on this issue. And because scientists are unlikely to advise you to do everyday coal detox.

The fact is that activated charcoal is not absorbed in the intestines, which means that it can only “collect” what it finds in the stomach and small intestine. Pollutants from the atmosphere affect the heart and lungs, but not the intestines, and chemicals that enter the body with food do not linger in the intestines for a long time.

Moreover, scientists do not take the idea of ​​detox seriously - the body has its own system of purification: the liver and the kidneys, which, without any help, do a good job of their task.

More importantly, activated charcoal is not very picky about what to put on itself, so it can also capture nutrients, vitamins and minerals. That is, black ice cream, which attracts admiring glances on Instagram, due to the content of activated carbon, can interfere with the absorption of calcium, potassium and vitamins characteristic of dairy products.

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And two capsules, washed in the morning with a glass of fresh orange juice, will “steal” vitamin C from you. Therefore, one or two or ten capsules of activated carbon will not harm you for a period of time, but if you use them on a daily basis, you may encounter vitamin deficiency.

Scientific data on the long-term use of activated carbon is not, therefore, the benefits or harms to talk early. But if you want to try a trend, consult your doctor first, but know in advance that this remedy can cause nausea, vomiting and constipation.

In the wake of the HYIP, we purchased a batch of activated carbon, but now have changed our mind about taking it inside? Do not be discouraged and do not throw it away: it can be attached to a variety of homemade skin cleansers!

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