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What Megan Markl eats: the royal nutritiologist from Russia has declassified the menu of the Duchess


Source: Peopletalk

Behind the walls of Buckingham Palace is going on a lot of interesting things. And royal cuisine is a separate story with its own rules. The nutritionist (specialist in the field of catering) Irina Pisareva told us about them.

She started with the restaurant business, later she studied at the French school with a degree in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, and now she is a member of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists, says Peopletalk in exclusive material. There are many Russian stars among her charges, as well as Megan Markle (37) and other members of the royal family. So take note of a healthy diet.

How to make a menu

Each family member is selected the most suitable diet, depending on body mass index, latent allergies and taste preferences, taking into account the availability of a daily rate of vitamins and trace elements. The selected power scheme is called the “perfect menu”.

Low carb diet

It is good for health and for keeping fit. Therefore, potatoes, rice and pasta appear in the palace in exceptional cases.

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No garlic

The royal family prefers simple tastes in dishes and does not like odorous ingredients, including garlic (it causes food intolerance). In the palace, small sandwiches are preferred, served to afternoon tea on bread, which is prepared exclusively from whole-wheat flour and without a crust.

What's for dessert

From the sweet at the royal table only mango and dark chocolate are served.

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Megan Markle's diet

During pregnancy he had to be completely adjusted. In the morning on an empty stomach the Duchess drank a glass of warm water with lemon. It improves metabolism and promotes digestion.

Also, the diet was replenished with dishes with a high content of protein - fish, seafood, dairy products. In addition, Markle prefers gray cereal bread and avocado. They contain beneficial fatty acids and fiber.

Quinoa, bulgur, and beans still make up the majority of the diet. But the list of "prohibited" includes chamomile and mint tea, it is replaced by raspberry with rosehip (and of course, without sugar).

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