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What to do if you don't like yourself in the mirror: a masculine look

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


To blame on the mirror is in vain
And hitting him is an empty whim,
It reflects impassively
All that is rich ... top and bottom * ...

But really, if you take and look at yourself carefully in the mirror, in the morning, without clothes, paint and other trinkets toys hung on us, like on a Christmas tree, and ask yourself questions like: who am I, why here, and maybe another ten others, the same, then think what will happen?

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Most likely, there will be nothing. Because such a nonsense will not occur to any normal person, especially since the morning. And rightly so, they will not come, because they have no place there. And there is a place for other simple and normal thoughts about salary, appearance, washing-cleaning-cutting-breeze, kindergarten, taxes, moving to another apartment or country. What well. It’s not really, really good, that these questions often lead us in a circle from one job to another, from one haircut to the next and from one apartment in our country to another apartment in a neighboring state ... maybe. And therefore, as in an accelerated survey, trees, roads, passengers, giraffes and gas stations rush by, which is not fundamental, since they still flash and it is impossible to look at them on the move.

On the other hand, if you ask yourself such questions, your mood may periodically deteriorate, as they cause answers to themselves, often unpleasant, or hint at the lack of answers in general, since no one thought about it.

By this moment, everyone was already probably awake, standing at the mirror and asking: is this what it is about? The question, that is, is asked. And this is just wonderful.

For many years now I have been building my TV programs, and before the radio, too, in such an inconvenient way for the population, where instead of throwing answers in the form of feed to everyone who wants and ready to feed, I try to encourage those who are ready to approach the questions.

And my last book, which is already possible on both Amazon and my Online, "Escape to Earth" is called, although it seems to be about an alien, with a report that he has seen on earth over the past two hundred years, but nevertheless it will certainly raise a lot of questions in an inquisitive reader. And what is the question? Questions are tail exercises. More precisely, exercises for the mind, invented and tested by nature especially for those who believe that the mind, like all other parts of the body, needs to be exercised.

And nothing does it better than raising a question that confuses you or drives you into a stupor (which is almost the same thing).

At this moment, a "revolt of workers and peasants of all times and peoples" takes place in the brain, and the brain, having received the task, goes to search for information, which, quite possibly, lies in it for a long time, rusted and unclaimed. And she needs to be found. And he, a hard worker-brain, will extract it from all sources, store it, sift it, systematize, draw conclusions, search again until the answer crystallizes in some form. Quite unexpectedly, it will emerge in the brain, as if by accident a tree trunk washed ashore by the current, which swam, swam - and then swam. But there is nothing accidental here. Much of the work of our central brain computer behind this arrived log lies. And by the way, it is not at all necessary that this answer, which has arrived, will please everyone and everyone. Many, perhaps, even upset that, by the way, there is one of the reasons why a lot of people, instinctively feeling danger, these stupid questions do not ask themselves. And they are increasingly focusing on solving immediate problems, and no one can and should not blame them for this, since everything has its time.

But a day comes in the life of every earthly humanoid, and whether it is there, in which the mother gave birth, in front of a mirror or in any other form or place, suddenly rewards himself with any first of a set of “heavy” questions. At this moment, his world leaves the usual orbit and moves temporarily or permanently to another.

No, really, what will happen if you think and understand why ...

  • Why eggs, coffee, wine and red meat, for example, are advised to eat, then not?
  • Who is behind this and what drives them? Or why eight glasses of water a day? Who counted and how motivated? And why does the water flow from the tap is dirty, if you need to drink it, but you can wash your hands and the dishes from which you will eat, how is it clean?
  • And how do we know that in bottles from water that is dissolved in water, plastic, useful in them?
  • And why is the war with these correct, and with those - not? And who determines how long it will last and who will win?
  • Does it depend on how many enemies they killed, chopped off foreign land, asserted themselves to their hearts' content, or on how much money has to be spent on the war allocated? And why are drugs in some places legal, in others not, and in others, this and that?
  • And for some reason, prostitution is also bad and there is a war with it, albeit sluggish, since the enemies are our own?
  • And why, then, is not war everywhere, but somewhere a truce? And medicine, should she reward for health or for illness?
  • And who will be awarded: a sick, healthy, doctor, pharmaceutical company? Everyone? Anyone? Some?
  • And who invented the diet, and what does it give? And physical education, running, jumping, swimming, jumping, jumping, jumping?
  • Sportazaly, simulators why?
  • And gasoline? And the oil? It flows here, but it is brought there and there. And here, since it has its own, it is taken to where it has its own again ..? Unclear? Unclear.
  • In the summer, all are air-conditioned. More demand for electricity than in winter. More buyers that is. It means there should be less price per unit of electricity. But it is higher. Why? And the bank gives money at a large percentage, and takes a scanty one? Are they stupid or are we? Or all? Or nobody?
  • And discounts everywhere in stores always?
  • They do not need the money, why are they suddenly so good? And maybe they are smart? And we again have not woken up or fell asleep again in that orbit?
  • Everything is not clear, or something suddenly begins to clear?
  • Or is there politics, taxation, rules for the movement of chromosomes, people, money outflows in some places and tributaries to others? Who is behind them? Who gave the Nobel Prizes to genius scammers of all times and peoples? (the list is not attached, since you yourself know these mountains and arafats). Have they lost their brains there, in Europe, or have we overlooked it wherever we are?
  • And who controls everything and why? The God? Archangels? Devil? Is someone here closer? And why we do not know who and how and why?
  • And where is the middle class slowly but inexorably dissolving? And why no one rushes to save him from the rassa, although, it seems, he, like the spine of any body, is the basis of everything?

And there are hundreds more of different “why and why” pushing duelists to the barrier, behind which answers can be seen, but blurry, so far. Although, perhaps, all this nonsense is not necessary and it is necessary to live for today. And why is he bad? Also a question.

And he is not bad. He is good, fresh, with the smell of the corresponding time of the year and always on time. And tomorrow will come, God will give the day, God will give and food. And it was not even I who said it, but someone is more intelligent, moreover, he said a long time ago. And we, apparently, did not breathe.

Therefore, it is possible so, it is possible to go awry, or not at all. Everybody has complete democracy. How do you decide for yourself, so do it. Neither better nor worse. I somehow decided to myself. Now the choice is yours. And no urgency, by the way, no. Although…

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