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What to do if you cannot become a genius

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


Is there any point in becoming a musician or artist, sculptor, financier, teacher, programmer, or anyone at all, knowing in advance that you will not become the best? No matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you try, you cannot beat Bill Gates, Mozart, Michelangelo, Lobachevsky, Shakespeare, Einstein and other geniuses in your business. And this is a shame, because I would very much like to. And don't believe anyone who says the opposite.

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Deep down, we all want to be the best. This is in our genetic code, I think. And what to do with the understanding of the impossibility of never reaching this peak is, frankly, unclear. Like Freddie Mercury, Mariah Kerry or Michael Jackson you can't sing. You can try to copy. Some even do it, but they still don’t pull.

The original - do not interrupt. This is probably why he is the original, Chaliapin, Andrei Mironov, Smoktunovsky, Demis Roussos, Anna Akhmatova, Chekhov, Tchaikovsky. Wherever you look, someone has already left behind and raised the bar, even in swimming, even in chess, but so high that most of us will never reach. And in this regard, again the same question: is there any point in building a garden at all, if the chance to break through and become the best is close to zero?

Everyone says, of course, try. What has it “close to zero”. Well, not zero? It's true, not zero. Next to him. Although how close, without trying, you will not know. And having learned - what to do then? To be average all my life? Among the masses, alone, among millions of others, who fell short? Dullness, gloominess, vegetation. What for? What is the essence and meaning?

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We sit, think, reflect. After all, these pillars - Rostropovich, Barbra Streisand, Herodotus, Lermontov, Vysotsky, Lomonosov - were sent to us for something? Why and why it was at that time that the decision was made to send them to earth? .. and what should we do in this regard, all the rest, ordinary mortals who cannot jump to Olympus, as I have already said.

Here, hand on heart, there are not so many options.

The first one is to decide that it is absolutely not a fact that you cannot get around them, come up with a better idea, stir up more, run faster.

The second - realizing this, give up and look for another application in another area, profession, environment.

Third - realizing that you are not Kasparov, not Stephen Hawkings, not Hemingway, Bizet, Bruce Lee - and you are unlikely to become them, agree with the role of an extra, one of the chorus, a working ant, a person doing what he loves, regardless of predictions.

Probably that's all. The first option is good. Although, taking it as a basis, all your life you will check with the best in this area and you can get depressed about the inability to jump over the non-jumpable. The second is also not bad. I turned out of the way and looked for an alternative, another road, an area of ​​application. Although, wherever you look, someone has already been in it and left a mark, showed the highest class, a special example.

Then what are we looking for? An area where there has not been the best? Not a bad thought. Since new professions are born every day, it is possible that there are still no better ones in them. There really is a solution. Become the best at least for a while and be the one who set the tone, the rhythm in this area.

- And if it doesn't work out in a new profession, what about the old, engineering, architectural, fire, police, music, archaeological, and others, - they ask me.

- To accept, probably, to live with the idea that you will not become Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Dalai Lama, the Wright brothers, who invented the plane, - I answer.

Well, the card did not fall out, did not lay down the right side, so what now to do, hang yourself, or what? No, perhaps. Let's not hang ourselves, but on the contrary, we will live and enjoy.

- What? - the question sounds again.

To all.

Cloudy sky, taste of honey, the ability to see the colors on the carpet, the smell of clover, the laughter of a child, his own patience, interesting films, books, discussions. You can join the heritage of those whom we did not succeed in becoming, if only because they lived long before us. Try the dishes created by their recipes, explore the museums filled with their creativity, listen to music, read a poem.

If, of course, doing this, all the time torment yourself with the thought of your own imperfection, then life, for sure, will become hell. And by the way, no one can stop you on this path of self-torture. But, as an alternative, one can be glad that there are eyes - to see beauty, ears - to hear music, feet and hands, to go, go, see the world, and admire what is exhibited in museums for the people. Much is in our hands. No, not everything, but a lot.

And what about geniuses? Well, what can you do? Did not work. Maybe in the next life lucky.

By the way, if you carefully study the lives of geniuses, then there are also not always raspberries with gingerbread. That one was persecuted, that one was persecuted, this one was not recognized. They, for the most part, were not at all sweet. Read it, you will see for yourself.

Often, during life, the environment stubbornly did not want to appreciate them. Glory came later, when the hero could not go on stage and bathe himself in the rays of glory, due to the fact that he was no longer on the register of the living.

Let's swim in the sun while still alive, once given, and almost free of charge. And breathe, too, for now, with free air, if it turns out. Come on, come on. This is also not forever.

I personally think that way.

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