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What to do to live long, like Elizabeth, and look like Kate and Megan


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The royal family makes no secret of healthy habits - after studying the materials of the British media, we found out what the lifestyle of famous aristocrats is based on. The good news is that in order to stick to royal principles, you don't need an appropriate budget.

Judging from the photographs and publications, attention to health is one of the family features of the British royal family. Elizabeth looks gorgeous for her 92, and her 97-year-old husband, Prince Philip, still accompanies her on the go. Prince Charles, although you will not call him beautiful, but he looks cheerful and clearly able to outdo his parents in longevity. The young heirs of Kate and William and the newlyweds Harry and Megan generally cause continuous admiration: slender, fit, funny and very cute - not without reason the whole world loves them, says ELLE.

Queen Elizabeth II: a minimum of carbohydrates, tea and walks

The Queen of Great Britain adheres to the basic rules of healthy eating: a minimum of carbohydrates, simple foods and small portions. Its menu is dominated by seasonal vegetables and fish, while potatoes, rice and pasta are allowed only at official dinners.

Nevertheless, Elizabeth is sure that small joys neutralize stress, and therefore she daily indulges herself with a favorite dessert for traditional tea drinking - dark chocolate, cookies or chocolate sponge cake, but in very modest doses.

Queen's favorite drinks are Earl Gray tea and some red wine for dinner. Her Majesty maintains a constant weight, for the sake of which she regularly walks through the park - in the company of her spouse or loved ones. By the way, Elizabeth and Philip last year celebrated a platinum wedding - 70 years of marriage, and scientists argue that a happy marriage has a beneficial effect on physical and emotional health.

Prince Charles: Organic Products and Army Exercises


For the prince in organic food there is nothing fashionable and new - it eats so from childhood. According to one of the ex-chefs of the royal family, published in The Guardian, the menu of Charles "was organic before this concept was invented." As a true British aristocrat, the prince is an avid hunter and prefers game and fish, harvested alone or with his sons. Homemade dishes are complemented by organic fruits and vegetables grown in his estate in Gloucestershire. Like parents, Charles does not like carbohydrates, is unpretentious in a variety of dishes, and for breakfast and snacks he orders soft-boiled eggs, a source of healthy protein. Speaking of sports, for a 69-year-old prince, a day is not complete without an 11-minute set of exercises for the 5BX (RCAF) plan, a basic workout for recruits of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Kate and William: sport, a minimum of carbohydrates and raw foods

Of course, special privileges such as personal trainers, world-class chefs and a team of massage therapists are available to the duke and duchess of Cambridge. But nevertheless, the young parents of three charming kids cannot be reproached for the sybarities. They work hard to keep themselves in great shape. For example, Kate, in addition to a fairly strict diet, practices raw foods: one day a week her menu consists of ceviche, watermelon salad, gazpacho, goji berries, tabule and almond milk.

It's not just about weight control - raw foods are full of nutrients and water-soluble vitamins that evaporate during cooking.

The level of athletic training Keith The Daily Mail calls "almost military." The Duchess adores running, rowing, cross-fit, tennis, water polo, and in her daily workouts, there is a three-piece plank that strengthens all muscle groups: base, side, and skydiver; in each position, Kate is worth 45 seconds and repeats the approaches 10 times. Every day Kate devotes at least an hour to training, and it seems that there is no sport that she has not yet mastered. However, there is still - riding, the duchess is allergic to horses.

Prince William is not as obsessed with sports as her spouse, but shares her approach to diet and, like her grandfather and dad, the army complex 5BX performs every day before breakfast.

Megan and Harry: no milk, mix workouts and wonder-smoothies

Prince Harry and Megan Markle love to practice in the morning, while the Duchess of Sussex uses a special tactic to not miss the workout, alternating different exercises, trying not to repeat the same things day after day. Megan’s priorities are yoga, Pilates, running, training with a personal trainer, group classes and even fitness courses on YouTube. “Of course, there are days when I'm lazy, but I remind myself how good I will be after a workout. It's an amazing feeling, almost euphoria! ”

Megan does not recognize strict diets, but adheres to a healthy diet, and instead of breakfast she often asks her to make blueberry, acai bowl and manuka honey smoothies.

Prince Harry, having entered family life, was almost tied up with bad habits - he quit smoking and limited himself to drinking. In addition, in pursuit of a perfect body several years ago, he abandoned dairy products, admitting in an interview with The Daily News that he “didn’t even eat pizza”. As for fitness, the prince sweats daily at the Third Space gym or goes for an intense workout at the fashionable London-based Core Collective.

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