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What would you do if you were God: how do people answer this question

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


Over the years, I asked people unexpected questions and sometimes received unexpected answers. It’s time, I think, to introduce my readers to folk art. I selected the most interesting questions and put together the most interesting answers. And although I agree with some of the answers, but not with some, here are the best ones.

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What would you do if you were God?

“I would give people technology that would stop polluting the planet and cleanse it of accumulated waste, especially the oceans. The production would become waste-free ”.

“I would ban marriage and give people the opportunity to live the way they want: one, two, three, five, groups. The concepts of wives and husbands, their rights and obligations - everything would be a thing of the past. He who wants with whom lives with him - as long as he wants. Children would be raised by everyone. The child would have gone through the process of raising hundreds of "families". In each of them he would be taught something new, and he would be better prepared for life. "

“I would abolish all religions. Not faith, but religion. Everyone can believe what he wants: in good and bad, mermaids and ghosts, in the approaching end of the world, in hell and heaven, in the eternal soul and in returning to the origins every time at the end of life, as an option.

“I would periodically switch places between men and women, abusers and their victims. It would help everyone see and feel what their actions lead to, and would radically change people's lives. A man, having given birth once, would understand a lot. A murderer, once a victim of a murder, might have pondered. ”

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“I would abolish prisons. No one can be re-educated in them. This is a misconception and a waste of resources. Each person lives in harmony with his own inner compass. But for some, it doesn't even matter for what reasons, this compass does not work correctly and cannot be adjusted. Robbers, murderers, rapists and others with a broken compass will be resettled on a separate island, where they will be among their own kind, not for re-education, but for separation from the bulk of the population, which does not need them. "

“I would cancel money and return barter as the only way to exchange goods and services. People would have to learn to negotiate again. Trade would flourish, but only through exchange, no common equivalents, no currencies, no speculation, everything is fair, as it was thousands of years ago. "

“I would abolish states and borders. It's useless. Gradually, all countries would become one, with one government, which would be engaged in one thing: improving the lives of people on earth. Yes, they, in fact, have nothing more and nothing, and there is no need to do it. "

“I would reorganize the training system. Everyone would learn what they have talent for. Lovers of arithmetic would lean on it, and biology and drawing would be optional subjects for them. Talented musicians would be under the supervision of others, the same, but older and improve exactly what they have a soul for. Those who have not yet decided would have the opportunity to travel from school to school, from class to class, looking closely at others, sniffing, thinking. These journeys would last as long as it takes for each to define himself and discover the circle of his interests. It is important not to miss the new Mozart and Da Vinci, which are born periodically ”.

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“I would give everyone the opportunity to determine the length of their life on earth. If you want to live forever, live. I decided that you have already completed your earthly task, it became boring, uninteresting - go away. "

“I would cancel funerals, cemeteries and other businesses that take people away from time, money and nerves. A person who decided that his earthly mission is over, would gather friends and relatives (if he wants), say goodbye to them and disappear at a convenient time for him. "

“I would encourage all ideas. Societies for the reception of ideas would be organized. They would function 24 hours a day and accept for reward all ideas from all people, no matter how strange and impracticable they may seem. Ideas - progress and innovation, always, everywhere and in everything ”.

“People could travel to all other planets to see how they live there. Everyone could decide where he wants to live and move freely, but also come back if he didn't like it there, “in a foreign land”.

Many more interesting suggestions were made by the respondents, but these seemed to me the most essential, topical, painful, and therefore I decided to list them here. I will continue this section, since I have accumulated many answers to various unexpected questions.

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