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What will happen to the body with prolonged monotonous nutrition


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Many people have even the slightest idea of ​​proper nutrition. One of its main principles is the exclusion of harmful foods from the diet. And it often turns out that when we start eating only healthy dishes, the daily menu willy-nilly becomes more stable and monotonous than it used to be. Together with nutritionist and nutritionist Anna Berseneva Championat figured out what can happen to the body if you regularly eat the same foods.

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When is a stable diet good for you?

There is such a simple, but demonstrative technique, like a food diary. If you write down everything we eat during the week, with a high degree of probability it turns out that our diet is quite stable and we choose the same plus or minus.

In my personal and professional opinion, a limited set of products for a certain period can only be beneficial. But under one important condition - it must be high-quality and healthy products: whole grains, legumes, proteins, vegetables, nuts, etc.

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How to avoid obsessive monotony

How not to get bored while eating? The answer is simple: we use spices. Moreover, now it is very important, because many of them have a strong antiviral effect. For example, ginger, black and white pepper, turmeric, curry, cloves help to strengthen the body's immune defenses, normalize metabolism and have an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, spices can turn any of the simplest dishes into a work of culinary art.

What will happen to the body with a monotonous diet

In compiling a stable menu, of course, it is important to maintain a balance of the most important nutrients. Otherwise, we can provoke a failure of immunity, if we forget, for example, about proteins. This is possible in the case of the same "buckwheat" diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Therefore, even with a plant-based diet, you can easily prevent this deficiency by adding legumes, seeds or nuts to cereals. Also remember about unrefined vegetable oils, which will help to diversify dishes and strengthen vitality. We are talking about olive, coconut, pumpkin, linseed and cedar.

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Let's not forget that, among other things, the emotional component of nutrition is also important for a person. A monotonous menu day after day can undermine both physical and emotional health. Try to use different colors as elementary as possible in your dishes. And this is not only an aesthetic issue: the color of a product is determined by its biochemical composition. Accordingly, creating a “multi-colored” dish, we provide ourselves with a variety of vitamins and minerals.

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