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What will happen to the body if you eat watermelon at a time


A source: Rambler

In summer, children and adults look forward to the watermelon and melon season. Some people love these fruits so much that they can eat, for example, a whole watermelon at a time. Why is this dangerous?

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Despite the fact that melons have a lot of vitamins, and watermelon is used as a natural diuretic, a large amount of pulp at a time can be dangerous for your health, writes Rambler.

Doctors advise adults to consume 200-300 grams of watermelon in one meal. Moreover, a person can eat from 200 to 1500 grams of fetus. Doctors do not recommend abusing watermelon to those who suffer from urolithiasis, pancreatitis, and gastritis. It is not recommended to get involved in eating watermelons for people with diabetes, a tendency to diarrhea.

The fact is that there is a lot of glucose and water in a watermelon. The first is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and raises sugar levels, and a large amount of water can wash out all the beneficial substances from the body.

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Having eaten a large amount of watermelon, you will experience satiety. However, this is caused not by beneficial substances, but by the volume of water. Even a serious portion of the fetus will not be able to replenish the reserves of energy spent, because its calorie content is only 38 kcal per 100 gram.

The pulp will stretch the walls of the stomach and cause discomfort to other organs. This can seriously disrupt their work and cause pain. Unpleasant symptoms include shortness of breath, palpitations, and weakness.

In addition, dietary fiber in a watermelon activates the intestines. As a result, gas formation, bloating and diarrhea occur.

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