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What happens if you mix red and white wine


A source: Clever

Those who have been to a professional wine tasting, noticed how sensitively tasters relate to the process of mixing different types of drinks. Some transfer this principle to home celebrations and prefer to drink the drink they started with during the evening.

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In their opinion, it is better not to mix white and red wine. In fact, one evening you can calmly try both the first and the second kind of drink, writes Clever.

Mixing different types of wine is quite acceptable. However, it is important to be careful with their strength.

For example, if there is a dessert wine on the table, the strength of which is 14 degrees and a white light wine with strength up to 12 degrees, you should not mix them. Of course, nothing terrible will happen, only the unique taste qualities of drinks cannot be heard - one drink will muffle the taste of another.

According to experts, red wine contains an order of magnitude more tannins. Therefore, the hangover from such a drink is much harder. Accordingly, lighter wines do not provoke a morning headache. Although, in this case it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

Drink a few glasses of red and white wine in one evening. The main thing - do not reduce the degree.

Otherwise, unpleasant symptoms may occur: weakness, indigestion, headache. Mix white and red wine or use them separately - everyone decides for himself. It is important to remember that experts do not see anything wrong with that.

The determining factor is the quality of consumed beverages. Do not forget about the moderation in the consumption of wines. Despite its beneficial properties, wine is an alcoholic beverage. Therefore, a large amount of drunk is unlikely to give a pleasant feeling.

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