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Four marriages and priesthood: how the life of the star of 'Santa Barbara' Marcy Walker turned out


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How was the fate of the performer of the role of the fatal beauty Eden, tells woman journal.

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Many fans think that they know everything about the legendary actresses, but the most famous serial divas of the XNUMXth century managed to leave something behind a veil of secrets as the most real women-mysteries. tells about all the secrets of the personal life of cult stars - now about those who played the main roles in popular TV series and are remembered by millions.

A person who can remember all the characters of the legendary "Santa Barbara" can safely claim victory in a talent show a la "Minute of Glory" - there are so many of them in the series that one cannot do without superpowers. But there are heroes and heroines in this soap opera who cannot be forgotten, and one of them is Eden Capwell. The role of Cruise's beloved Castillo was played by the bright blonde Marcy Walker. The life of the actress is less dramatic than that of her most famous heroine, but still not without unexpected twists and turns.

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Marcy was born on November 26, 1961 in Paducah, Kentucky. The girl was raised by her father - she was only eight months old when her parents divorced. Since then, she knew about mom only from dad's scant stories. He served as an engineer in the military aviation, and he often had to move from one place to another. So Marcy, by the time of her majority, managed to travel almost all of America and Europe, for some time she lived with her father and stepmother in the Middle East.

Since childhood, the girl was fond of theatrical art. And despite the fact that the family had to travel a lot around the world, she studied in a drama circle in all schools. Therefore, after graduating from college, the question of choosing a future profession was not acute for Marcy.

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She graduated from high school in Illinois in 1979 and made her first screen appearance in Life on the Mississippi. Two years later, she joined the main cast of the soap opera All My Children, thanks to which she became famous. But Marcy was most afraid of becoming an actress in one role and did not plan to devote herself to long-running series at all. To avoid this, she left the project after four years of work at All My Children. However, as they say, you can't escape fate - she was offered a new role for Eden Capwell in the series "Santa Barbara". It was this heroine who brought the actress real popularity, and the shooting stretched out for seven long years.

The beautiful love story of Eden, the daughter of an imperious and influential businessman and simple police officer Cruz Castillo, deeply touched not only American viewers. Each plot of this story was hotly discussed by young mothers walking with children, and pensioners who while away time on the bench between watching numerous TV series. Even today, so many years later, those who in the 1990s enthusiastically followed the events in the series "Santa Barbara", at the mention of its name, they immediately remember the couple Eden and Cruz - in part due to the charisma and attractiveness of Marcy Walker. Then she was the benchmark beauty of the 1980s - a tall, slender blonde could compete with Kim Basinger for the title of sex symbol of a generation.

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As for the actress's personal life during this period, Marcy likes to repeat: "The past should remain in the past."

She was married four times, but unfortunately, none of the marriages lasted more than two years. In particular, Marcy had an affair with actor Michael Edward Knight, who also played in All My Children. In addition, she was engaged to actor Bronson Pinchot and married to artist Billy Warlock. And her only child, the son of Taylor, Marcy gave birth to from her third husband Stephen Collins, the operator of the same Santa Barbara. Interestingly, born in 1989, Taylor played the role of ... the little daughter of Eden and Cruz, Adriana.

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But any fairy tale, as you know, sooner or later comes to an end - in 1991, Marcy left Santa Barbara and divorced Stefan. Immediately after that, she was "reinstated" in the series "All My Children" - her heroine moved to another city in the story, so the producers did not need to return her to the project. From 1991 to 1993, she was considered a special guest star, and in 1995 she firmly established herself on this TV show for 10 years. In parallel, the career of the actress was replenished with a series of television films and pilot projects: "The Persecuted Woman", "Nick's Game", "Twilight Horror", "Midnight Child", "Horror in the Night".

From the beginning of her acting career, Walker received a weekly letter from a New Jersey fan named Carolyn Guest, who wrote to the soap opera star about God.

“She wrote to me for seven years, I never answered her, but I continued to receive letters and read them. Carolyn was not like an ordinary fan, her messages contained love and prayers, and sometimes she just talked about her life, ”recalls Marcy.

The content of these messages sunk into the soul of the actress. At the beginning of the new millennium, Marcy married a man named Doug Smith and took his last name. The fourth husband of the Santa Barbara star was also a very devout man - they met in a Bible study circle. By the way, Carolyn, whose letters led Marcy to faith, was invited to their wedding as one of the bridesmaids.

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For some time, Marcy tried to combine an acting career and religious service, but since 2005 she decided to devote herself entirely to God and even received the ordination of a priest in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of North Carolina. The former actress wrote that she especially enjoys preaching the Word of God to children. The parishioners love her and still recognize her as the beloved heroine of Santa Barbara, but this does not bother the woman at all. She does not regret that she acted in films, but she also does not regret that in the end she left the acting profession.

“What I have now is priceless,” smiled Marcy in a recent TV interview, as if hinting that it is never too late to change your life.

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