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How do children of Russian billionaires live?


Source: Rambler

They are called “golden youth”, they envy their lives, many dream to be in their place. We propose to understand in more detail what the children of the richest people in our country do. Is their life so sweet, or is it just an illusion.

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Diana Manasir (daughter of oil magnate Ziyad Manasir)

On Instagram 18-year-old daughter of Ziyad Manasir signed over 177 thousands of people, writes Rambler. By today's standards, this is an impressive number. In her social networks, she boasts luxurious outfits and uploads photos of her everyday life. They are, by the way, very colorful.

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She graduated from boarding school Queen Ethelburga's School in England and is now receiving education in the specialty "financier". Most of his time the heiress of the oil empire spends, like most of her wealthy friends, in London.

Victoria Mikhelson (daughter of Novatek Chairman of the Board, Leonid Mikhelson)

The daughter of Leonid Michelson Victoria, Chairman of the Board of Novatek PJSC, is considered one of the richest brides not only in Russia, but also in the world. Her father’s fortune, according to Forbes estimates over the past year, is 18,4 billion dollars.

Victoria studied the history of art at New York University, USA, and is now engaged in the development of the foundation for the support of young Russian artists Victoria - The Art of Being Modern. Michelson - a modest girl. She does not belong to the secular party and in every way avoids publicity. Commendable!

Polina Galitskaya (daughter of the owner of the Magnit network of Sergey Galitsky)

The daughter of the owner of the network "Magnit" and the football club "Krasnodar" Sergei Galitsky is a worthy competitor to other heroes of our selection in the list of the most enviable brides of Russia. According to Forbes last year, her father’s fortune amounted to 6,8 billion dollars.

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Polina graduated from high school in Krasnodar and entered the Kuban State University at the Faculty of Economics (which is very patriotic). By the way, the girl's father is against her business.

“I want a normal child to grow up with me, and I don’t want my daughter to do business, because woman and business are different concepts,” said Sergei Galitsky in an interview. Well, let's see if Polina will follow her father's advice.

Anastasia Potanin (daughter of Interros holding president, patron of the arts Vladimir Potanin)

Although Anastasia Potanina is the daughter of one of the most influential billionaires in our country (according to Forbes, his fortune is 14,3 billion dollars), but she can not count on a huge inheritance. In 2010, Vladimir Potanin declared that he would bequeath his fortune to charity.

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“My children have grown up. Their father is a billionaire and celebrity. First, they are in my shadow, and second, what is their motivation to achieve something in life? I am going to follow the example of Gates and Buffett, ”Potanin argued his decision.

Recall that all of Vladimir Potanin, five children. The eldest daughter Anastasia is a former athlete in the past - she took part in aquabike competitions. Now the girl helps her father manage the Rosa Khutor ski resort and is engaged in supporting young artists.

Yusuf Alekperov (the son of the president and the main owner of LUKOIL)

If the children of Vladimir Potanin can not rely on the inheritance, the son of Vagit Alekperov can not hope that his father will transfer the management of the company to him. Last year, in an interview with Bloomberg TV, the head of LUKoil said that Yusuf would not be able to do business, so it is necessary to look for a successor.

“If they ask me if I think about my successor, yes, of course, I think about it. I hope that he will be a worthy candidate who will continue the work of my life. If they ask me whether it will be my son, I will say no, because this work is too difficult to give it to my son, but he will remain in this business, ”Vagit told reporters.

Alekperov Jr. graduated from the Gubkin University of Oil and Gas with a degree in Oil Field Development and Operation. He is a shareholder of LUKOIL (0,13% stake).

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