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How to take a child in the summer: recommendations of psychologists


Source: with the BBC

Experts believe that children should be "bored" during their summer holidays, reports with the BBC.

Children. Photo:

According to psychologist Teresa Belton, “boredom” helps a child develop their creativity.

The doctor recommends that parents not send their children to camps, art schools or any circles. Teresa believes that children in the summer should be left to themselves, this will allow them to find out what really interests them.

“Boredom is often associated with loneliness. It can be an “uncomfortable feeling” and the child will try to fill it in. Some young people who feel empty inside are looking for ways to find sources of joy and eventually find things that really inspire them, ”the psychologist shared.

However, it should be noted that with the advent of information technology, children have lost the opportunity to “get bored”. The Internet consumes them and prevents them from developing creatively.

An academic who studies the impact of television on child development said: “When children have nothing to do now, they immediately turn on the TV, computer, telephone or some kind of screen. But this is wrong. Children should develop their thinking processes through play or simply observe the world around them. ”

“The role of a parent is to prepare children to take their place in society. Being an adult means engaging in leisure activities that bring happiness. If parents spend all their time on their child's free time, the child will never learn to do it for himself, ”says Lin Fry, a child psychologist from London.

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