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What end unions middle-aged stars and their young wives



The other day it became known that 87-year-old actor Ivan Krasko decided to divorce his former student 27-year-old Natalia Shevel. The reason for this decision was that the girl refuses to engage in love with her husband. He says that he is afraid of getting pregnant.


- I lost all interest in Natalia Alexandrovna. - We never had intimate relationships, because her fear of getting pregnant was above all, the actor quotes.

The artist said that he was still capable of much, and even passed a test in the clinic confirming that he could have children. Shevel said she was afraid of getting pregnant, since she alone would have to raise children after his death.

- I do not want to wash diapers for my child three times a day. “I don't want to become a single mother, children are a responsibility, and we don't even have our own corner,” she said.

It is difficult to say how much the actor is upset by this turn of events: the fact is that he has another young fan. This is his former student Kristina Kuzaeva. She said she was ready to shelter Krasko at home.

This is not the first or last marriage in the Russian show business, where the age difference between spouses is much more than 10 years. And here are some examples.

Sergey and Anna Selina

Photo © RIA News / Alexey Danichev

Known for his role as Anatoly Dukalis in “Streets of Broken Lanterns,” Sergei Selin married Anna Kaymakova at the age of 53. They met when Anna was a student at the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The age difference is 24 years.

The artist arrived there with a creative meeting. The girl was late and was on the gallery, but the artist still noticed her. By that time, his marriage with his first wife, Larisa, was cracking up - they divorced in 2009 year. As Selin himself admitted, he left the first wife and son in the apartment, as well as money, and his son also had an established business.

Anna and Sergey began to live together, they had two children - daughter Maria and son Makar. True, the wedding was played a few years after it came together - in 2015 year. The artist said in an interview that there had been no time before, although he had made a proposal several years before.

Selin more than once admitted that he met his love only in 48 years. And this first love he called Anna.

Bari Alibasov and Victoria Maximova

TV presenter and press attaché of the Na-Na group Victoria Maksimova and Bari Alibasov got married in the summer of 2013. The famous producer got married for the sixth time, his companion got married for the first time. The age difference between the spouses is almost 40 years. In 2016, she gave birth to a son, but Bari Alibasov very coldly accepted congratulations, which even the media noticed. Alibasov revealed the truth on the air of one of the TV shows.

- We parted when Vika gave birth to her son Vanya. The child is not mine. It was obvious. Of course, I didn't press my wife against the wall, they say, tell the truth. I just told her that the heir is not like me at all. And she admitted that the father of the child is another man, - quotes his words "Starhit".

He did not give his name to the child, but he himself moved from his wife to another apartment. In December, 2017, there were news that Alibasov was caring for Lena Lenina, and even copied his will on it. According to, according to the documents, she will be transferred to the showman’s eight-room apartment on Arbat and the plot on Novorizhskoye Highway.

Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya

Photo © RIA Novosti / Ekaterina Chesnokova

The age difference between Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya is about 45 years. However, this did not prevent the artist from making an offer to his beloved in 2015. She answered yes, on February 25, 2016 they got married. By that time, Vitalina held the chair of the director of the Dzhigarkhanyan theater.

Right from the registry office, the couple went to work, to the theater. Noisy celebration was not. Normal marriage relationships lasted just over a year. In the fall of 2017, it became aware of the scandals between Jigarkhanyan and his wife.

So, on October 16 of 2017, she brought to the police a statement about the disappearance of her husband. Later it turned out that the artist is in the hospital, there is no threat to his life. But he refused to see his wife and said that he didn’t want to intersect with her anymore and filed for divorce. In addition, in the theater lay a note from Dzhigarkhanyan, where it was said about the dismissal of Vitalina. 27 November marriage officially terminated.

This was not the end. Two criminal cases were opened against Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya at once: one for disclosing the secrets of private life, the second is connected with the theft of documents.

According to investigators, the former wife of the artist installed the video surveillance cameras in the ceiling plinth in his office. The recording from such a camera was shown on the air of one of the central channels. Dzhigarkhanyan filed a civil suit against the former wife for moral damages amounting to three million rubles. She herself does not recognize the guilt.

Emmanuel Vitorgan and Irina Mlodik


Actor Emmanuel Vitorgan married after the death of his first wife, Alla Balter, to businesswoman Irina Mlodik in 2003 year. The difference between husband and wife is 23 of the year.

They were familiar when Vitorgan was still in his first marriage, but there was no personal relationship. In 2000, they accidentally met on one of the creative evenings and chatted. Then Irina learned that Vitorgan's wife was seriously ill. The woman said she would help the actor.

She often drove Vitorgan away from the cancer center and also participated in raising funds for the operation for his spouse, but they did not have time to carry out the surgery. In the same 2000, Alla Balter died.

Over time, the businesswoman and the actor began dating, at the beginning of the 2000's, they were married. The couple wanted to have a baby, but for this the woman needed treatment, which was delayed by 15 years.

In February, 2018 was born in the family of a daughter, Ethel. Father by the time was 78 years old, and his wife was 56. In early September, the couple first showed their daughter to the fans - they came with the baby to the wedding of Ekaterina Arkharova.

Yulia Vysotskaya and Andrey Konchalovsky


The director and actress met in 1996 in the elevator of the Zhemchuzhina hotel in Sochi. Soon Konchalovsky invited the girl to dinner, a resort romance broke out. The director himself was then married for the fourth time, to Irina Martynova. After a while, a divorce and Konchalovsky's fifth wedding followed.

The age difference between spouses is 36 years. A year after the wedding, the couple had a firstborn - daughter Maria. In 2003, they had a son, Peter.

Daughter in 2013, got into an accident, fell into a coma. She came to her senses only two years later and to this day she is undergoing a difficult rehabilitation course.

Despite all the difficulties, Vysotskaya repeatedly told that an idyll reigns in their family. At the same time, they rarely reveal the details of what is happening in the family - only sometimes photographers manage to take pictures of the couple during their holidays in Europe. Mostly they are hidden from public view, because happiness loves silence.

Vladimir Kuzmin and Ekaterina Trofimova

Vladimir Kuzmin met his future third wife in 2000 on the beach in Anapa. 17-year-old girl came to rest there with their parents. The age difference between them is 27 years. This did not prevent Kuzmin from giving the girl signs of attention, and falling in love with her without memory. After her return to her native Elabuga, communication continued, Kuzmin persuaded the girl to come to Moscow to visit him. And then stay alive. The couple got married a year after they met.

They lived together for 17 years. Rumors that not everything was going smoothly in the family appeared regularly. So, the couple allegedly often swore, Catherine left the house, and Vladimir kissed the bottle. However, then they again appeared on stage together, he sang the song “You are a fairy tale in my life,” and the family idyll seemed to be restored.

In the summer it became known that they are divorcing. This was announced by Kuzmin himself, warning that there would be no more comments. However, in the secular get-together they say that the singer has long found a chosen one younger - 26-year-old Svetlana.

Alexander Gradsky and Marina Kotasenko

Screenshot of Star Couples ☆ Famous couples video

Alexander Gradsky and model Marina Kotasenko have been living together for 15 years. The age difference is 32. At the same time, lovers met right on the street - the singer, sitting in a car on a busy metropolitan street, saw a very beautiful girl walking along the sidewalk. He got out of the car and gave the stranger his business card.

A few days later, she called back. They started dating, and soon - to live together. The couple did not pay attention to all the ridicule, and generally ignored the words about "marriage of convenience" - the fact is that Kotashenko is a fairly well-known model.

In 2014, Gradsky's lover gave birth to a son, Sasha. When the boy was three years old, he even bought a guitar. Now Kotasenko is sitting with a child, but plans to start work in the near future.

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