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How hard female housework is: an explanation for the theorists


Source: Marcelo Moreno, "The Browser"

When it comes to homework, there is always a crowd of theoretic householders who have not tried women's labor themselves, but like to say that it is very easy. And he himself, if possible, would certainly become a housewife, notes Marcelo Moreno on the blog for Observer... But then who will solve the world's problems?

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So, I would like to explain to them what exactly is hard work for women around the house, since they themselves have no idea about it ...

The first. This is a job without an end result.

It is impossible to wash the laundry once and for all, to clean the floors, make breakfast and wash all the dishes. This needs to be done time after time, day after day. If a man digs a trench, for example, or creates a creative project, or writes a book, then sooner or later he will receive the result of his work. Here it is, a trench dug, here it is a book written, a contract is concluded - give me an award!

With housewives, everything is completely different. No one will notice the washed floors, but dirty floors are the reason for complaints. And so every day, every day, every day without any gratitude!

The second. This is a free duty, in which there is nothing natural.

Many men will tell me in response to this that 15 years ago, when they were bachelors, they unstuck their socks from the floor and even washed them, or, for example, know how to bake the chicken themselves when they are on a business trip. Well, ok, ok.

Then you have such a comparison - flush the toilet water normally and naturally. To flush the toilet water for someone is already a straining duty. There is nothing in this. And do not think that women feel the husband and children in this regard as part of themselves. The husband who nasvinyachivshiy in the kitchen is the same gentleman who nasvinychil and calls for a scrubber. Only a car wash is paid at least some kind of salary, and the wife is not supposed to.

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Third. This is boring and uninteresting.

Yes, indeed, housework has now become easier. As, however, and any other. A woman walks on a well by water (although you, in principle, do not write paper with a quill pen), do not sheathe a pig (and you don’t cut it), use a vacuum cleaner and a washer (in a house for which you didn’t even chop down what but

The fact that work is not so hard physically does not mean that it does not tire. You know what else tires you, because it does not give any profits! Does not develop the brain, but only dulls it! And it is pretty monotonous for decades!

If I created a personal hell for some guilty man, he would look like a room in which children would spill something every three hours, and I had to clean it up. And you could not go anywhere.

Fourth. It gives no social connections.

The role of the housewife gives zero social connections, the role of the young mummy - the connection with the same moms in the local sandbox. For an ambitious woman, this is a real disaster. This is complete isolation, and how to break through it is not clear.

It seems to me that this is the very period when wives, whose men do not care about their social connections and impressions (visiting movies and restaurants, the gym and the theater), fly out like traffic jams from a decree and have a lover. Not so much she needs sex, how much she cuts a "window to Europe" for herself.

The fifth. A small child is the absence of proper sleep and rest for years.

Yes, for years. Because it is absolutely impossible to leave a minute child for a minute. Gone to drink some water - carry me with you. Wash the floors - my foot with them, and the child in the hand. Erase panties - erase them with one hand, and hold the child on weight. Or, at least, without being distracted, keep it in sight.

From a certain age a child begins to show such a burning interest in the world that it is absolutely impossible to stop him with anything. He will prick, hurt, or stuff something in the throat.

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And do not say that you can close the boxes to the castle. You can not close the boxes on the castle! Because you close the boxes - he will remove a piece from the wallpaper, pick off the plaster and certainly choke on it!

The child is similar to hemorrhoids, at least until the age of kindergarten. And about some kind of rest from him, if he does not grow like weed, we can speak at least from the 2-3 class. And at the same time, he is still ill, wakes up at night, has some kind of relationship with his peers, goes to Birthdays ... In short, this is a life-long project for which no one will pay. This full-fledged project.

In short, “women's work” is a tedious, thankless, tiresome, and does not give any social connections. Plus, it's often free.

Any objections?

Original column published on the blog. Marcelo Moreno for the "Observer"

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