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What fundamentally differs the most popular monarchs of the family: Japanese, English and Norwegian



The life of these dynasties is watched with interest by the whole world. What is important to know about the history and unique differences of each of them, tells

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Surprisingly, fan clubs exist not only among actors, singers and writers. Monarchist dynasties of the world also have large armies of fans, and each fan considers his own dynasty to be the best. The three largest clubs are most likely from British, Norwegian and Japanese royal families. What is important to know about each of them.

Japanese imperial surname

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  • As a throne name they take themselves the motto of government. For the previous emperor, he was "Heisei", that is, "Peace". The current emperor puzzled the whole world by choosing a word from ancient poems, whose exact meaning is unknown - “Rave”. According to the description given in official publications, its meaning is similar to ... tolerance: members of society live in harmony, try not to hurt or offend each other. Especially for this word, after the accession of the emperor, a sign was created for sign language. A seal lives in Tokyo, who was taught to write “Rave” with hieroglyphs.
  • The current Empress Masako attended pre-school childhood in Moscow kindergarten, and finished school in the United States. That's because her father is a major diplomat and he had to travel around the world.
  • This dynasty (usually referred to as Yamato) is the oldest in the world. She was never overthrown, although they were removed from power. The line of kinship stretches from the current emperor to at least the ruler of the sixth century. According to legend, the dynasty was completely founded in the seventh century BC. By the way, many still believe that the Japanese emperors come from the goddess Amaterasu. And not only in Japan!
  • For centuries, emperors and crown princes have married their cousins ​​in order not to dilute divine blood, but the last two emperors have taken “mere mortals,” if you can call them the daughter of one of the country's largest entrepreneurs and the daughter of the president of the United Nations International Court of Justice.
  • The previous imperial couple was known in areas far from politics. Emperor Heisei is a major marine biologist, and his wife glorified the children's Japanese poet Michio Mado in the big world, making quality translations - after which Mado received the Andersen Prize. Emperor Meiji became famous for the fact that when his wife began to suffer from depression, did not try to hide this fact, was not ashamed of her, but became her faithful support, supported her and protected, thus giving an example of a new attitude towards people with this disease in Japan. By the way, the name of their only daughter Aiko is written in hieroglyphs that look like the phrase "child of love."
  • The Japanese imperial family still honors the old religious traditions associated with the cult of Amaterasu. Empresses observe rituals, which include growing rice in a special field and visiting the imperial burial site. By the way, they often appear in public in a kimono, despite the fact that basically the style of their clothes is similar to the style of the British monarch's family.
  • The current emperor in Oxford had the nickname "electric" because he told classmates that in Japanese, the words "Your Highness" sound very much like "electricity."
  • According to custom, the names in the imperial family are not invented by the parents of the child, but by the ruling emperor. True, Princess Aiko was an exception.
    - In Japan, a woman has long no longer had the right to claim the throne, so Emperor Reiwa is succeeded by his nephew, Prince Hisahito, born in 2006, or the emperor's brother, Prince Fumihito, by the way, is a well-known ornithologist.
  • A large number of Japanese emperors left the throne through the abdication procedure, and not upon the fact of death. The previous emperor, the father of the present, did the same. But for the first time in two hundred years.

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British royal family

British royal family. Photo: Shutterstock
  • Officially, Queen Elizabeth II reigns not only over England, Scotland and Ireland, but also over Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu, Jamaica and several other states. Moreover, these countries are considered completely independent. The point is only in recognizing the tradition of the reign of the Queen of England. She is also recognized as the head of the Commonwealth of Nations from more than fifty countries.
  • One of Queen Elizabeth’s main incomes is horse racing. She is very good at this and can earn about half a million pounds a year only at these rates. But the main source of her income is the percentage of profits from land and buildings owned by the crown. Or, more precisely, under the control of the Crown Property organization. Revenues from real estate under its management are estimated at hundreds of millions of pounds.
  • The British royal family is only slightly less than the Japanese obsessed with traditions that are followed very strictly. For example, boys of a family up to seven years old are dressed in shorts in any weather. True, this is a relative innovation - they replaced the old tradition of boys under seven dressing in short dresses or kilts.
  • The royal family has its own special language - many popular and quite neutral modern words, for example to denote a restroom and sofa, are strictly prohibited. Instead, they use the same words that were used a hundred years ago.
  • The British monarchs have a number of very strange traditional privileges. For example, the reigning queen owns all the swans of Britain, except those that are allowed to possess three different organizations. Therefore, in Britain there is a special position paid from the treasury: the people who occupy it must help the affected swans (in addition to other “swan” duties).
  • Among the other specific privileges of the British monarch are the right to own a court poet, the right not to be arrested, and the right to drive without rights.
  • As in Japan, the reigning monarch in Britain is a religious figure: he leads the Church of England.

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Norwegian royal family

Norwegian royal family. Photo: Shutterstock
  • The surname of the current dynasty is the Glucksburgs. The husband of the English Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, belongs to the same dynasty.
  • Although all or almost all modern European monarchies behave democratically on the whole, the Norwegian dynasty is considered the most democratic of them and, inevitably, the poorest.
  • Norway is proud that its king refused to cooperate with the German invaders and urged the Norwegians to resist the Nazis. At that moment and a few days after (before the evacuation to Britain), they could easily have killed him and even tried to do it. Fans of the Norwegian and British royal families often blame fans of the Japanese dynasty for the fact that their idols during the Second World War were Hitler's allies.
  • As in the Japanese family, princesses can often be seen in national costumes. Unlike the Yamato dynasty, princes also wear national outfits from time to time - appearing on people during the holidays.
  • The wife of the current king of Norway is the first woman of non-royal descent, taken in wife by the monarchs of the current dynasty. She is the first queen to visit Antarctica. Crown Prince Haakon is also married to a woman from a simple family. They met at a music festival, and his chosen one, by the way, was a single mother. But the next heiress after Haakon is their daughter Ingrid Alexandra.
  • The position of Ingrid Alexandra in the line to the throne is tantamount to the position of Prince William.
  • King Harald was the first Norwegian monarch born in Norway for more
  • than five centuries. The fact is that in Norway representatives of the Danish dynasty ruled for a very long time and they were also born in Denmark. Nevertheless, Harald is a descendant of the Danish royal family, and not some new one.
  • Unlike the Japanese dynasty, in the Norwegian since 1990, princesses are included in the crown inheritance list. In Britain, however, this happened much earlier. There were seven ruling queens on the English throne, and in Norway the ruling queen was last seen in the fourteenth century. But if Elizabeth II received the throne only because she did not have brothers, then Ingrid Alexandra has a brother, Sverre Magnus, and nevertheless, it is she who will receive the throne.
  • The current dynasty is related to the previous Norwegian royal dynasty of Bernadotte, founded by Napoleon's comrade-in-arms and once ardent opponent of the monarchy, Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, who adopted the throne name Karl Johan. On his body there was even a tattoo “Death to the Kings!”, Which forced him to avoid exposure after any accession in any circumstances.

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