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What did Kate Middleton donate for the wedding with Prince William



What sacrifice did Kate Middleton make for the wedding with Prince William? She became part of the British royal family in 2011, but along with the title and honors received a lot of responsibilities. And she had to forget about some hobbies at all. What did Katherine refuse to hear the ringing of wedding bells?

Looking at the 37-year-old Katherine, it is difficult to believe that she was once an ordinary girl and planned to closely engage in her career. Kate gnawed at the granite of science at the prestigious University of St. Andrews, studied books on art history and wrote a diploma about Lewis Carroll's photo portraits, writes

It was in his student years that Kate was seriously interested in photography. After graduating, she got a job at the company of parents Party Pieces and with might and main engaged in design and filming for catalogs.

In 2006, the future Duchess of Cambridge found work in the network of children's clothing Jigsaw Junior and tried herself as a buyer. It is noteworthy that Kate, who already then was in full contact with Prince William, never boasted of this before her colleagues.

“During lunch, she sat in the kitchen and chatted cheerfully with everyone: from truck drivers to cashiers,” recalled former owner of the network Belle Robinson.

On the subject: Where and by whom did Kate Middleton work before the wedding with Prince William?

According to rumors, just while working as a buyer, Kate decided to devote herself to photography. Alas, things did not go beyond dreams. Prince William proposed to her, and Kate accepted it, forcing all the British to cling to the TV screens during the live broadcast of their magnificent wedding.

In the career of a photographer, the new-faced duchess had to put a bullet in the eye. But this does not mean that Katherine put the camera aside.

On the subject: Elizabeth II ceded Kate Middleton the position that 67 has held for years.

She still found a way to do what she loved. Although the Duchess did not become a modern Helmut Newton or Annie Leibovitz, she is happy to photograph her children. Portrait photographs of George, Louis and Charlotte's fidgets differ in a well-caught mood.

Not so long ago, Queen Elizabeth II made Katherine, with whom she is on good terms, a valuable gift. She passed the patronage of the Royal Society of Photography to the Duchess. Her Majesty has been a patron of the organization for 67 years and decided that Katherine will be a worthy successor.

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