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What are dangerous salt, foam and bath bombs



After a hard week, any girl wants to relax in the bath, immerse herself in the air foam and dissolve the fragrant bomb in warm water. But spa treatments can cause skin deterioration, irritation and even allergies. The beneficial properties of natural ingredients are negated if there are harmful ingredients in the composition.

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Редакция tells you how to read labels to protect your body and make the evening ritual not only pleasant, but also useful.

Like any cosmetic products, bath products have both beneficial properties and harmful. Provided that their composition is qualitative, they are able to normalize cellular metabolism and make the skin smooth and silky. In addition, essential oils - permanent components of any foam or bombs - soften and nourish the deep layers of the epidermis and activate metabolic processes, they can also affect the emotional state: lavender soothes and relaxes, needles tones and strengthens the immune system. The main thing is to know the measure in everything. Arrange yourself a short spa treatments no more than once a week at water temperatures up to 35 degrees. Do not overload the cardiovascular system! Recently, scientists are increasingly talking about skin overload with cosmetics. They advise you to refrain from gels when taking a shower every day, because the dirt can be washed off with plain water.

How to distinguish high-quality cosmetics from poor-quality ones, as well as when and what to apply - read below!

Aromatic bombs

The main components of bombs - soda and citric acid, it is their interaction with water that provides the "effervescence" of the process. They do not bring any harm to the body, quite the opposite - soda normalizes the acid-base balance, which contributes to the rapid absorption of food and prevent the risk of serious diseases. Citric acid accelerates the renewal of the epidermis, which slows down the aging process, and also gives the skin elasticity and smoothness.

And now the nuances. As you understand, from one citric acid and soda you will not make a bright fragrant bath ball. The composition often includes fragrances that enhance the smell of natural oils. Typically, this fragrance is achieved by the elements consisting of refined petroleum products. Such a composition is a serious danger to the skin - be prepared for severe irritation and allergies. Other harmful components — dyes — penetrate steamed pores into the deep layers of the epidermis and disrupt the pH balance. Maybe for beautiful photos on Instagram, bright bombs with sparkles are beautiful, but the most unsafe for your skin. Small shiny particles, often plastic, not only scratch and irritate the skin, but also harm the environment.

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To minimize health problems, pay attention to the composition. Choose products with natural pigments or synthetic dyes. Avoid unnecessary pollution of the environment by replacing the flickering bombs with similar ones with food spangles. As for flavors, use bombs with natural essential oils.

Bath foam

Now the foam produced in different formats and texture: liquid gel textures, effervescent balls and reusable foam in the form of brushes. Whatever the form, the composition and frequency of use are important. If everything is clear with the second one - take a bath with 1-2 foam once a week for no more than 25 minutes, then with the first one, vigilance and attentiveness are important. When buying, pay attention to dataproizvodstva. On average, bath foam can be used only 2-3 of the month.

The composition should be absent soda sulfate, ammonium sulfate, diethanolamine and, of course, dyes and flavors. Chemical composition may cause irritation of the mucous membranes. Allergy sufferers should look at the presence of synthetic components: they can adversely affect the respiratory system. Those who have complications with the cardiovascular system, should abandon the foam, which is composed of needles, eucalyptus or mint.

Bath foams due to their natural composition can have not only a relaxing effect. Citrus supplements, for example, tone up and improve blood circulation in the body, with coconut oil - nourish dry skin and have a rejuvenating effect, herbal chamomile foams soothe irritation and reduce redness. Do not neglect the needles, if there are no contraindications: this ingredient will strengthen the immune system and relieve stress.

Bath salt

Salt baths - one of the oldest cosmetic procedures, which has a positive effect on health. Salt restores the skin's water balance and relieves the body of toxins, activates metabolism and even fights cellulite. These efficiencies have only the means consisting of sea or ocean salt: iodine and calcium do their work. As for most salts, which are represented in stores, their composition has several other components and properties. Essential and herbal supplements have a positive effect on the body: they normalize the nervous and vascular systems, moisturize and tone up the skin, relieve tension. It is necessary to avoid those salts that contain any substitutes: aluminum salts or aluminum chloride, silicones and mineral oils. Some products have microplastics with allergenic fragrances — oak or tree moss extracts. Any of these components can lead to skin problems. They clog pores, form an impermeable film and can cause an allergic reaction.

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In order not to abandon the evening salt ritual and at the same time avoid health problems, we recommend starting with a simple one - with the rules of use. If you are just starting a procedure, take a bath with 200-300 grams of salt, no longer worth it, otherwise it can lead to irritation and dryness. Make a cloth bag for yourself, put the product in there and hang it under the tap, this will allow the salt to evenly dissolve in the water.

Remember about the different effects of essential oils that make up the salt. If you want to lose weight, then choose salt with grapefruit or mandarin, and coniferous extract will help to get rid of excess rashes.

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