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What is dangerous air freshener in the car


Source: Autoview

Each person is characterized by individual sensitivity to odors, and everyone has their own reaction to various aromatic substances. Someone comes out of the "fragrant" taxi cab after a ten-minute trip in an exhausted state, with a headache and nausea. And the taxi driver gladly inhales the freshener vapors throughout the entire work shift. Whatever it was, among the huge mass of flavors for cars, much of it is objectively harmful to health.

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We are talking about products created with the use of synthetic flavors that can adversely affect almost all body systems, including the immune system. And often a person does not immediately feel unwell, and painful symptoms appear after a certain time. The longer he breathes it, the harder the consequences, writes Autoview.

Harmful artificial substances can be contained in a variety of fresheners, regardless of their type - all known Christmas trees, deodorizing sprays, blocks installed on the ventilation grilles, as well as bubbles with gel.

In the US, doctors are already sounding the alarm and making statements to ban such products at the legislative level. Over the ocean is already widely published data, according to which artificial flavors contain a frankly poisonous mixture of ingredients, including destructive toxic substances, carcinogens and allergens. Among them are acetone, sodium nitrite, benzene, toluene, sodium benzoate, propane, formaldehyde and phthalates.

According to research by American physicians, 34% of people suffer at least one of the negative side effects after exposure to such refreshers. The most common symptoms have been identified - inflammation in the airways and mucous membranes, asthma attacks, skin rash and headache.

As an alternative to artificial fragrances, experts recommend products made from essential oils. But, alas, unlike chemical fresheners, they are not so often found on sale.

Although you should not go over the top with essential oils, especially if children spend a long time in a car. High concentrations of these substances can also adversely affect health. It is no coincidence that such flavors are available in the form of dispensers, which allow dispensing portions.

So whenever possible it is better to avoid using such accessories in the car. If you regularly monitor the technical condition of your car, keep the interior in perfect cleanliness and periodically refresh it with a quality dry-cleaner, then the chances of a stable foreign smell in the car will be reduced to a minimum.

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