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Why Russian cuisine surprises foreigners


Source: Rambler

Many of us do not understand how the French can eat frogs, and the Chinese can eat grasshoppers. However, in the Russian national cuisine there are dishes that shock most foreigners.

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Both Europeans, Asians and Americans simply cannot understand why to cook and turn jellied meat broth, not forgetting to add pork legs, and then eat it with horseradish ... Meat and jelly are incompatible concepts for most foreigners. Broth they can imagine only in a hot condition.

Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms

In addition to the post-Soviet countries and Poland, buckwheat porridge is also eaten in Korea and Japan, writes Rambler. But in India, buckwheat is added to various dishes, but porridges are not made from it. And the inhabitants of the West do not eat buckwheat porridge - they do not understand at all how mushrooms can be added to porridge! And they may even think that you want to poison a guest in this way ... Therefore, it is better not to treat a foreigner with such a dish at all.

There are dishes that are a bit like cabbage soup, such as Bonn soup in Germany and cabbage soup in the Czech Republic. But you will not try such a spicy soup with sauerkraut and a lot of vegetables anywhere except in Russia. Especially with meat. Sometimes foreigners even call our Russian cabbage soup nothing more than "salad with broth."

The vinaigrette

Generally speaking, you will not surprise foreigners with different kinds of salads. And most of them were invented not in our country, but in Europe. Take the classic Olivier. But the Russian vinaigrette for foreigners is something! To begin with, the guest will doubt whether the vegetables are boiled in it, and then - ask why all the ingredients were chopped so finely.

Herring under a Fur Coat

This purely Russian invention shocks foreigners with a simply “wild” combination of products. At first, many are generally afraid to try it. In addition, the Chinese may not like the abundance of mayonnaise in the dish, Europeans - an abundance of finely grated vegetables, and Americans will be frightened by “raw” fish, that is, herring. Although, they say, those who have been to Russia repeatedly, over time, begin to willingly eat this food, which is very popular at the festive table.


The fact is that in Russia, in most cases, it is prepared on kvass. The foreigners are more or less calmly accepting that on kefir, but how to chop cut sausage, hard-boiled egg, onions and cucumbers into kvass is simply unthinkable for representatives of other nationalities! It's like pouring Coke salad.


In fact, the dish was born in Belarus, but it is quite popular in Russia as well. They're actually just potato pancakes. Delicious and inexpensive. But foreigners, as a rule, are suspicious of potato pancakes. How can you use potatoes as a pancake dough? Why do this at all? After all, potatoes can be eaten simply fried or mashed.


In Russia, it was customary to make this pie for a holiday, especially for Trinity or a wedding. They often stuffed the chicken with chicken (hence the name), but they could put beef, lamb, fish, potatoes, mushrooms, eggs and onions, sauerkraut, porridge and even nuts as a filling. Nowadays, this dish has become popular again. In addition to the Russians, there will be a kurnik except the Chinese.

The rest can be said that this is such a “pizza in Russian”. And even if someone dares to try kurnik, there is no guarantee that they will not tell later that the Russians have fed them with some kind of rubbish made from what came to hand.

Cabbage Pies

The pies themselves are eaten everywhere. But white cabbage as a filling is a purely Russian know-how! Moreover, if this cabbage is sour, as we love it in Russia ... Most likely, a foreigner will simply refuse to eat such pies, and you will never persuade him to do so.


Even for us, jelly is not a drink or a dessert. And he completely disorientates foreigners. Either jelly, or fruit drink. They even more or less normally perceive jelly if it is served in a cup. True, they usually ask to dilute with boiling water. But if you pour jelly into a deep bowl like a soup, foreign guests will simply be horrified! In a word, our cuisine is another reason for foreigners to gossip about "what a mysterious Russian soul" and that "Russia cannot be understood with the mind." Or maybe it's not so bad that we are so “special”, even when it comes to cooking?

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