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How American neighbors differ from Russian: Immigrant Impressions


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On the one hand, behind the wall, I have a Russian family, on the other, a Chinese one. Nearby - a retired American grandmother, a little further - a family from Venezuela and African Americans. These are my neighbors. I can say from personal experience that the American neighbors are quite peace-loving. No one is trying to squeeze out your couple of meters by moving their fence on the site or putting the car in someone else's parking space. And the point here is not in a high culture of behavior, as it seems to me, but in the concept “my law protects me” developed over the years.

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Most US residents prefer to solve problems with neighbors by official methods: in which case they do not hesitate to call the police, complain to the management company or attach an "affectionate" note to your door, writes the author of the channel "Made in America" ​​on Yandex Zen.

If your neighbors are "American Americans," then you're in luck. When we stopped at the first rented apartment in the United States, our neighbor brought us a welcome basket - a basket with all sorts of things, from sweets to books for children, well, and her "Welcome, neighbors!" in addition. It was pleasant to tears. A complete stranger. After leaving that town, we exchange Christmas cards ever since.

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But I won't lie: not everyone is so hospitable. Some of our immigrant neighbors don't even say hello or look up when they walk by. Although to say "hello" even to the first person you meet on a run is in the order of things here.

Several times I forgot to lower the garage door roll at night, everything was wide open - cars, bicycles, a lawn mower and various husband's tools. Maybe some of the neighbors came to see me on an excursion, but I swear: nothing is missing. Conscientiousness of citizens or fear of the police? I don't know, but I was impressed. It is worth noting that we live in a prosperous area - I have not lived in others.

For many Americans, the criterion for a neighbor's decency is his quiet lifestyle. The less you can see and hear it, the better. Because of the thin American walls, neighbors' showdowns and the TV turned on at full power sometimes seep. If it bothers you after 23 o'clock, you can safely call the police and solder a fine to your neighbor.

Although sometimes it’s enough just to knock on the door and say something like this: “You have such loud sounds. I worry, is everything all right? ”The hint is more than transparent, calm down instantly.

It would never occur to anyone to park a car in someone else's parking space near the house. Each parking lot is assigned to the owner and numbered to avoid misunderstandings. At our townhouse, for example, 2 parking spaces have been allocated. We do not pay for them, it is “automatically” attached to housing.

The more expensive the houses are, the more people are isolated from each other. They can wave to you from afar, getting out of the car, and this is where it all ends. Americans are taught from childhood to respect the boundaries of private property and personal space. Such is the "privacy". And I admit, it's even convenient. Not all of our neighbors, I would like to communicate closely. She nodded, waved, walked on - and everyone was happy.

Although when the wind slammed my front door and I was left outside in my pajamas and slippers, my Chinese neighbor saved me - she allowed me to climb through her balcony into my open kitchen window. Since then, we have been friends, and now I know exactly when the New Year is celebrated according to the Chinese calendar.

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If your dog howls and whines while you are at work, that’s your problem, but not your neighbor’s problem. If this bothers him, he can complain to the pet protection service, they say, the dog is left to its own devices for a long time. Expect a showdown and a fine. Dogs that are too noisy may be ordered to take additional training courses or sent to a canine psychologist. Therefore, animals are taught to be quiet at home, or dog sitters are hired to walk the pets during the day.

American neighbors are the most curious in the world. When a house is put up for sale in the area and the Open House is announced (the day when everyone can come in and see this housing; as a rule, it is on Sunday), every second and third of those who come is your neighbor, who naturally does not need to buy anything, just wondering ... I wonder what kind of house you have, what color are the walls in the living room and are there expensive household appliances in the kitchen. Some people spend the entire weekend at such events. Such a Sunday entertainment.

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