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How are American women different from Russian girls?


Source: Yandex Zen

Veronica left with her parents in the United States immediately after the institute. Acquainted with girls abroad, she shared with the publication “Yandex Zen”Their observations on the differences between Russian and American women.

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In Russia, I have many friends left from school, from college, from the yard. And I noticed that all of them, without exception, discuss their families, husbands and children. That is: who married to whom, who divorced with whom, who has what kind of car, who has what children, etc. And all my friends ask me why I haven't gotten married yet? Find yourself some guy, are you not Russian?

But I'm just 28 years old, what kind of wedding? When I will be for 30 and everything will be all right with my work, then I’ll arrange personal life. And now it's still early. Of course, many will say that I began to talk like an American. Maybe, but I like freedom and independence. At the moment I live for myself and only for myself. Perhaps this is one of the manifestations of feminism, but in the States it is so accepted.

Of course, if we compare American women and Russian girls, then there are many differences, the most important of which is feminism. America, in fact, is the ancestor of this movement. If in Russia feminists are quite rare, then in the States there are an order of magnitude more, feminists in America are tens of millions. On the one hand, it is, of course, good that girls are fighting for their rights, but in the United States this sometimes takes on ugly forms that will never take root in Russia.

I do not know why in Russia this movement has such a meager scale, probably because of national and cultural differences from the same America. Russian woman always remains a woman, no matter what. The Russian woman should go to the store or to work well-groomed and beautiful, in America it is the other way around, you can meet an American who went to the shaggy store and in a nightie. Therefore, for men, Russian girls will always be more attractive and feminine than American women.

Another difference between Russians and American women is their attitude to marriage. If a Russian man says that he should plant a tree, build a house and raise a son, then a Russian girl should graduate from school, get married and have a child. In the States, everything is completely different. American women are more windy and at the same time take marriage seriously. Women in America, as a rule, have been looking for a partner for a long time; for some women it may take a long time. American women do not have this goal in itself - just get married, because it is necessary. Therefore, weddings in the States for the most part are played by those who are already over 30 years old, and children can easily give birth even at 40 years old.

Another difference between American and Russian women is self-sacrifice. How is this expressed? A Russian woman can constantly look after her husband for many years, that is, wash his clothes, cook food for him, raise children, giving herself completely to her family, even if the husband is a complete insignificance and a drunkard. In the States, everything is completely different, there if a man does not suit her, she simply leaves him, they say, I will find another. This self-confidence develops due to the fact that, as a rule, American women by the age of 30 have a fairly well-paid job and will not allow themselves to have a man who will be a lazy person or a drunkard.

I can't say if this is good or not, but the struggle of American women for their rights has led to the fact that the women of America for the most part become like men - only without eggs. The new culture and the influence of television on the masses of people will eventually do the same in Russia. I am not a supporter of such transformations in Russia, after all, we have our own culture and traditions, but wait and see.

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